Forex Vzlomshik Pro Expert Advisor

Forex Vzlomshik Pro

Forex Vzlomshik Pro is the improved version of the old “Forex Vzlomshik”. What exactly are the changes, the authors will tell, but now the expert Advisor opens an even greater number of orders with minimal retention position. I should warn you, robot is ambiguous. On the one hand, yield 63% for 6 months and positive feedback of traders is a plus, on the other hand scalping EA, and even with a drawdown of 49% — a heavy combination for a balanced trader.

  • Advice. Since scalping strategies were never good at robots due to too many false signals, this EA is recommended for use only at the time of news release and carefully follow all its actions. If not keeping track of the robot or not to make adjustments to settings in line with the market situation, there is a risk of “drain” of the Deposit.

Forex Vzlomshik Pro — justified risk at moderate cost

Like most high-risk programs, Forex Vzlomshik Pro works on the principles of martingale. If to use the strategy indefinitely, it will be unprofitable, but periodic (in short intervals) the withdrawal of trade investment can become profitable. Also in the base of the robot there are three scalping strategies, added multi-currency. The benefits of multi-currency trading — the risk reduction due to the fact that each currency pair has its time and depth of drawdown. Compared to a single-currency system (the previous version of the EA) reduced drawdown at a smooth growth of the deposit, but limited ability to test: for example, the MT4 does not support multi-currency test (each pair is tested separately).

Basic conditions of Forex Vzlomshik Pro:

  • the minimum Deposit required is $ 2,000;
  • the timeframe most comfortable for work — Н1;
  • currency pair — Euro/canadian dollar, Euro/yen, Euro/USD, Euro/GBP.

forex automatic trade

Adjustments of Forex Vzlomshik Pro robot:

  • UseMannualLots — if the initial item is more than the value of 0.01, the option is enabled;
  • Lots — the initial value of the lot (0,01 default);
  • Booster — coefficient of the increase of lot volume for future orders;
  • TakeProfit — the desired amount of profit;
  • TurboMode — a parameter that increases the profitability of the robot in flat;
  • TurboDivider — activation of the previous option, subject to the achievement of the appropriate number of orders;
  • ContinueTrading — with the disabled option, Vzlomshik Forex Pro will stop after there will be a full closure of the greed;
  • MM — when you enable option , the automatic system of risk management is enabled;
  • Divider — option of calculation of lot volume in politics of money management;
  • StopLossPCT — the maximum drawdown level, at which the EA will close all trades. Applied in strong trends that can quickly “merge” the deposit;
  • TakeProfitePCT — the percentage of profit from the balance, when Forex Vzlomshik Pro forcibly closes all deals.

The other settings relate to setting the parameters of a trailing stop (the principle is the same for all strategies), and assign unique numbers with a certain number of orders for each of the 3 scalping strategies. It is recommended to leave the default settings as if not understanding how they work, as adjusting at least one strategy may lead to the increase in the drawdown.

Summary. Advisor operating at quite the right approach to it. Many settings at first, confusing those who prefer scalping strategy based on 2-3 indicators. Yes, Forex Vzlomshik Pro has a sophisticated organizational system, but it is still easier than to build such a strategy. If the EA “leaked” the deposit, this does not mean that it does not work, it means that you put wrong settings. The only drawback of the robot — a large deposit, but you can replenish the account not at $ 2,000, but at 2000 cents!

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