Cash Hammer Expert Advisor

Cash Hammer

Another expert Advisor based on martingale strategy. If to believe A-Markets broker, profit for the year could exceed 500%. The free application can be downloaded on A-Markets website. However, the history is silent about the millionaires who have earned the status with the help of Cash Hammer Advisor. I wonder something else: despite the fact that the martingale strategy all with one voice believe the surest way to “merge” the Deposit, it is not built a single trading Advisor. One could say that the A-Markets places specially in the top of unprofitable programs, but no. The advisor is free to download and you can work with it with another broker… well, with a Martingale there are more questions than answers.

Cash Hammer Advisor: 250% of profit in 6 months — a myth or reality?

The basis of the EA lies with candlestick analysis and Smart YTG, developed by the same authors that Cash Hammer. The robot follows the appearance of candlesticks, determines the direction of the trend and opens a position at the emerging trend.

  • Smart YTG — the system, which became the basis for other trading advisors as well. Its full essence is not disclosed. It is known only, that the goal is to get to breakeven a losing position by applying a grid of pending orders. I want to believe that system is really working, if it is a basis for other programs.

The principle of work of Cash Hammer is complex. The essence is to ensure that the adviser applies the General provisions of the orders and their mutual overlap in order to quickly fix income. It may seem that the Advisor’s actions are not adequate, but in fact the program compares the existing positive and negative positions and somehow covers them.

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Input conditions for trading with Cash Hammer:

  • minimum deposit — 2000 USD;
  • the most successful timeframe — Н4;
  • yields 254,5% for 6 months. The maximum drawdown 23,53% (which is very little as to a strategy based on Martingale);
  • ideal currency pair — EUR/USD.

Cash Hammer settings:

  • Take Profit — parameter, set by the trader in accordance with the personal strategy of risk management. Value is set in points;
  • Tralling — enabling trailing stop;
  • TSProfitOnly — fixation of profitable transactions only;
  • TStop.Buy — the value of the distance of the pending order Buy Stop from the current price (as specified in paragraphs);
  • TStop.Sell — the value of the distance of the pending order Sell Stop from current price (as specified in paragraphs);
  • TrallingStep — trailing step.

Summary. This EA has several versions, differing in settings and some working principles. Reviews about robot are as follows:

  • do not put the EA on the earnings and forget about it. It is important to understand its working principle and constantly pick up new settings. You need to be able to determine at which points of the market it can bring the maximum profit, and at which it is better to disable;
  • Cash Hammer can lead to loss of deposit for 7 days, and can actually bring the profit up to 800% a year. The essence is in skill and understanding of the operating principle of this EA.

Cash Hammer — one of those advisers that are worth a download and try to work. However, you should be ready adjustment may take at least a month, but trading patience is one of the key psychological characteristics.

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