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Tell me which expert advisors do you prefer? Those that use 3-4 indicator and have not less than 10 settings, which are also divided into the settings of the indicators and customization of your money management? Or those that have just a couple of settings? The question is very ambiguous… on the one hand, the smaller the settings, the less headache with their selection, but:

  • you’re not going to trade based on the stochastics alone, right? And with simple advisors: one tool does not go far;
  • simple advisors give a lot of signals for entry, only a large percentage of them are unprofitable. Someone is trying to connect in the robotic elements of martingale, which leads to subsidence more than 50% of all drain deposit;
  • the more complex the EA, the more narrow the market space it operates. This allows you to use it profitably in certain moments. Simple robots seems to be universal, that is work bad everywhere. Or as lucky.

Personally, I prefer robots with a moderate load by the number of tools. 1 exotic (for example — Ichimoku), couple of confirming. Well settings of money management are also important. GL 2ma — an example of a simple expert Advisor, which has practically nothing! It is empty, and the queries are not particularly leader — 15 queries in a month. Still, I would recommend to try to work with it. Why — I will say in conclusion.

GL 2ma — a classic of moving averages

One of the back tests shows a stunning result — 117,61% for 6 months of testing! To be honest, to get a profit again is unlikely, but the drawdown of 21% is quite real. In other words, in the fundamental market (on the flat, the EA does not actually work) at a moderate drawdown, the real income can be up to 7-8% a month.

Input settings:

  • recommended deposit — $ 100;
  • underlying asset — the major currency pairs (the American and canadian dollars, Euro, yen, pound sterling);
  • timeframe — M15. However, it is recommended to monitor the behavior of the robot in different time frames.

GL 2ma is based on moving averages, which are able to determine the mood of the market. But the most frequent problem is the determination of the period. The Advisor provides automatic selection of the period depending on the type and strength of the trend. With minor losing trades GL 2ma catch large price movements, and pays for the loss.

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Settings of GL 2ma:

  • Per — period МА (126);
  • Shift — shift МА (10);
  • Lot — lot size (default is 0,1).

Summary. Can you imagine the advisor which could not only analyze the charts and indicators, but could be focused on the market situation? Yes, we need more filters. But they can’t guarantee, given the complexity of parameters (don’t forget about the testing period at least 6 months). What about GL 2ma? To approach it from the standpoint of an assistant. Because these programs are called advisers, not rulers! This trading robot is to give hints, nothing more. And the trader needs to correctly interpret them. GL 2ma is able to make a profit, but only with occasional monitoring on the part of the trader and the adjustment (manual) of the settings for the market (although most of the EA adjust automatically).

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