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Continue to review exotic trading advisors. In the last article we discussed  the robot based on the Ichimoku indicator, this is based on the Heiken-ASHI indicator. How useful such exotic programs:

  • they are less promoted on the Internet and there is some plus in this. Alas, in trading advisors, as in any program, there are viruses. It is not about the infected computer, but on withdrawal of the deposit. Advisers, spread on different unverified resources can be “corrected” (code is not protected) so that the trader may lose the deposit. For what? For what the usual viruses are written – for fun. The less popular the robot is, the less people willing to make some changes;
  • the most common exotic programs are developed for exotic assets (but not in this case — HAN Advisor runs on liquid currencies);
  • similar programmes are interesting for their own development and expansion of horizons, as on stochastics and moving averages the world does not end.

HAN advisor can hardly be called simple and risk-free. Testing lasted 12 months and assuming a yield of 92.5% of the robot showed the maximum drawdown of 44,78%. It’s a lot.

HAN advisor: it is far from ideal, but something interesting is there

If you look at some sites that posted backtests of the robot, you can see completely different results. And this applies to many programs. The reason – different settings and forged back tests. When the robot is tested for more than a year, we cannot say that the striking difference in backtest from the volatility of the market and trading system to the optimization needs to consider the third period of life, and advisor, tested  for 1 year is averaged for 5 years — mathematical statistics. But it is easier to believe that the backtests are uploaded to the network without testing the advisor.

adjustment of HAN expert advisor

HAN Advisor is based on the indicator of candlestick analysis Heiken-ASHI. Complicated formulas are not used (the robot focuses on the value of the last two candles), but the principle of operation of the indicator is ambiguous:

  • the opening level is considered to be the average price between the opening and closing of the previous candle;
  • the closing level is the average price of high, low and close of the current candle.

Candlestick analysis is complicated by the fact that it can have many interpretations and not always gives accurate entry signals. Only in Heiken Ashi there are 5 types of candles (red, green, with shadows or without, even the size of the candle body has value and this is a relative term). The result is a big drawdown.

Minimum (recommended) deposit is $ 1,000. Currency pair — Euro/USD, the timeframe is H4. And now about the settings: the robot is based on the selection of parameters for money management, which in combination with the Heiken-ASHI indicator gives a positive result. Because the settings of this block is identical to Ichimoku EA (see link above) and are selected individually (a drawdown can be reduced, reducing the profitability of the robot).

Heiken-ASHI indicator

Summary. For those who are boring with the usual indicators and trading robots, EA Khan will bring a lot of pleasure. Most of the classic robots have not so many settings, and they relate directly to the work of the inherent tools of technical analysis. If the classic robot fails, the trader will simply give up, attributing it incorrectly to the selected asset or market factors. Here the situation is different. HAN advisor focuses more on money management of the trader. And if for some reason the robot shows a loss, you can not blame anyone except yourself. The conclusion:

  • this is a great robot to build a system of risk management;
  • this is an interesting EA from the point of view of the underlying instrument, which can, if desired, be strengthened by additional signal indicator (who knows how to work with the code).

Download, install and earn!

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