Reducing the risk on Binance Futures when linking to bots or traders

Снижение рисков на Binance Futures при подключении к торговым ботам

The Crypto Futures on Binance offers many different services for linking to trading bots or traders via API keys. Users need to create an API key with the Futures option on the Binance account and transfer the created key to a bot or a trader who will manage the account.

There are two issues

  • How to choose the right trading bot or trader?
  • How to reduce risks when connecting to trading bots or traders?

Here are a few suggestions to help you with these challenges.

Choosing the right bot or trader

Before connecting to any trading bot or trader, check their trading history through the AIVIA service. Ask the bot owner or trader to add his account to AIVIA and you will see the real statistics of his trading account based on historical data, which will be pulled directly from his Binance Futures account. The transfer of statistics data is carried out through API keys. AIVIA service is designed to show you the real statistics of a trader’s or a bot’s, you can see the entire history from the time of the first trade until the last trade executed 15 minutes ago, including the account trade balance history. If someone refuses to reveal the data, then you should stay away from such a trading bot or trader. You can see the list of traders and trading robots that trade on Binance in this rating.

AIVIA is considered the best service that can track the trading history of any trader or trading bot on Binance, just register and insert your API key. The service will do the rest!

Reducing the risks of connecting to trading bots, traders through Binance Futures

After choosing and linking to a trader or a trading bot, you are still at risk. We recommend that you reduce this risk by splitting the amount of your deposit among several traders and trading bots.

For example, your deposit balance is 20,000 USDT. Divide it into 5 equal amounts. From the Binance main account, send 4000 USDT to 5 different sub-accounts and then connect through the API keys to trading bots, and traders of your choice. Always remember that the only secure way to connect to traders or robots is through API keys.

With this approach, your assets will be in 5 different Binance accounts (sub-accounts) within your verified account. Setting up sub-accounts within your Binance account and diversifying the deposit among different traders and bots helps you to mitigate the risk on Binance Futures.

Binance sub-accounts

Through AIVIA, you can create sub-accounts because it is a Binance broker.

What you need to do to create sub-accounts on Binance.

If you don’t already have an account with Binance, open one at this broker link.

For everyone who has an account on Binance, use this step by step instruction

After Binance activates a sub-account for you, you can create API keys for each sub-account and link them to various trading bots, or traders, thus helping you to reduce risks.

For instructions regarding sub-accounts (creating API keys and deposit funds into sub-accounts) click here.

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