The advantages of "Becoming an author":

  • ability to share your trading strategies and best practices in the field of binary options trading, currency pairs, futures, cryptocurrency, and other assets;
  • to express yourself as a true professional of his craft and find like-minded people, ready to discuss your ideas or to share your opinion;
  • to improve your image and perhaps to find an additional part time job as an analyst or an investment brokerage company (Yes! Their representatives also read your articles!);
  • ability to advertise the company you represent, and also post affiliate (referral) links;
  • just to try your skills in articles writing and to improve them.

You may become an author as an analyst or as a trader.

After you add as an analyst at our service, you will be able to post analytics of the following topics: economy and geopolitics, commodity markets, currency markets, news, companies, stock markets indexes.

See → the benefits of registering as a business analyst

After you add as a trader at our service you will be able to publish your trading and investment ideas, trading strategies, learning materials about trading on the financial markets.

See → the benefits of registering as a trader

Agree, it’s very prestigious, when your articles and opinions are published in a reputable portal!

If it is unclear how to become an author, please check the instruction.

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The basic rules of writing articles:

Fewer grammatical and punctuation errors.
unique text (copying of paragraphs or simultaneous publication of the text on multiple sites is monitored by the moderator and may cause rejection of the article).