Your analytical predictions come true in most cases?
You want to share the investment ideas with other traders?
If so, then you are the one we need! The service for exchange trade professionals invites you to join our team of skilled analysts.

The advantages of registration as analyst:

  1. You get free access for publishing of articles in almost every section of the site:
  • Analytics. Here you may publish world economy news, financial, stock and commodity markets, and also news about the companies, if they seem important for you. There is also a possibility of research publication of the review on one asset over a fixed period. Let other investors know about the news, capable, in your opinion, to affect the prices of the asset;
  • Traders. This section is for those who is interested in deep specification of exchange trading. Это раздел для тех, кому интересна глубокая специфика биржевой торговли. You may publish trading ideas, strategies, etc. here. Also you may find something interesting for you by joining thye debates in the comments to a particular article of another author;
  • Trading platforms (Forexbinary optionsfutures trading). If you like new trading platform or any interesting functionality to the terminals which are already described on our site, you may share this information with our readers!
  • News (Forex brokers and binary options). This section may be useful for those, who want to inform about the promos or interesting events of the brokers.
  1. If you have your unique investment idea or strategy in any branch of exchange trading and if you want to get to know the opinions about it from other traders or to discuss the details, you may publish your article in appropriate section “Trading strategies” (Forexfuturesbinary options). We are sure, that in the nearest future, you will get the first comments and reviews from other traders.
  2. Research publications develop not only the quality of a true professional, but also the ability to accurately convey the desired information to the readers. In fact you are accumulating a portfolio, that will be useful for carreer growth.
  3. service is a great advertising platform! When publishing your articles, you may insert links to the resources of your interest. If you are an analyst of an investment company or a broker, then our portal is the best opportunity to improve the recognition of the company and the status of your employer.
  4. The awareness that your ideas, thoughts, strategies are really of interest to other traders. Maybe, someone will take your strategy as a basis, and after you earn the credibility in future, you will be able to sell your trading tactics to other investors. – participate in the preparation of the analytical materials on our site and earn the reputation of real professionals with us!

Basic rules of the publications

Less grammatical and punctuation errors.
Unique text (copy paragraphs or simultaneous publication of the text on several sites monitored by the moderator and may cause rejection of the article).

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