Companies news — this is an analytical section, which publishes information and events related from leading companies world that in one way or another can affect the value of the shares. Carefully follow the publications of the analysts in this section to know when to buy or sell securities.

Economy of industries and companies around the world are closely connected with each other. Any event in the financial and production activities of an individual company can affect the stock indices as a whole. Conversely, changes in the industry (financial, legislative, etc.) can affect the capitalization of the companies. To be aware of the news means to keep abreast and make a right investment decision. team is trying to pay attention to the leading companies of their industries that can bring our readers the maximum profit. For example, an IPO can raise the value of the company by 15-30%, and the bonds or Eurobonds — bring the investor a profit of 8-14% per annum. Also in this section there are the examples from history that demonstrate the reaction of investors to the fundamental changes.

This section could be interesting for those who:

  • actively sells shares on the Moscow stock exchange or the European/American markets;
  • seeks opportunities for long-term investment, but still can not make a choice of industry and companies to buy shares;
  • wants to diversify the investment portfolio of securities;
  • interested in investing in bonds and Eurobonds;
  • trying to figure out how the news affects stock market quotes (shares, indices);
  • who just want to know what is happening in the world.

Please note that the information in the section “companies news” refers to fundamental analysis and is not a guide to action. Our task is to bring to our readers information on which the right investment decision can be formed.

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