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You decided to become an author on We not only welcome your desire, but we are also ready to render you every assistance in this matter.

Step-by-step instruction on registration process and adding the articles on portal

For your convenience, we developed step-by-step instruction on how to register and to add text on our website. In general, the registration takes 5-7 minutes, adding text on website 10-15 minutes.

We hope that this instruction will be useful for you!arow

1. In the upper right corner of the screen click “Register” and in the list that appears, input your name in Latin letters only (nick, username – this name will be visible to users of the site). Two possible roles:

  • • “Trader”. Under this role, you can add articles into the category of “Traders” and all its submenus. Here you can publish various trading strategies and investment ideas;
  • • “Analyst”. Under this role you may add analytical articles: various financial, stock market, commodity markets news, review of quotations; descriptions of trading platforms, etc.

From one mailbox, it is possible to register only one username with a specific role.

регистрация на

2. You will receive an email with a link to the mailbox, specified during the registration. By following that link you will confirm the registration. Note! Till this moment you were not prompted for the password to your account! After following the link, you will have this option.

Ввод пароля

If for any reason, the red window appears that says: “Your link to reset password is invalid”, re-enter the e-mail, specified during the registration and check your inbox. Follow the link again, set password and log in.

3. In order to add an article, click on your account name in the upper right corner, and select “Add Post” By the way, if you want to change your password (role and login cannot be changed), click “Edit profile”, if you want to add photo or information about yourself, click “Edit information”.

Общий вид поля для редактирования на

3.1. The title of the article should be entered to the corresponding field.

3.2. To add photo (image), that will be displayed as the main one on the website, please use “Add photo” button. Use “Upload photo” menu (“Photo library” is not needed).

3.3. To add pictures within the article, please use “Add media file” button.

Important: it is highly recommended that the image size matches the following parameters: 770*390, that will that will simplify the perception of your articles for the users of tablets and mobile apps.

3.4. For easy editing, expand the toolbar, (see Fig. 3). We recommend using the following tools for editing: “Quote”, “List” (marked or numbered), “Insert link”.

3.5. In the right menu select the section you wish to publish the article to.

3.6. Once the article is added, click “Add to draft” at the bottom. This button is also used for intermediate saving of changes (equal to “Save” button). To preview what is done, select “My posts” in the main menu.

Мои посты на

Important:: while the text is not sent for moderation, you may edit it as many times as you wish. If after the preview you are satisfied with it, click “Edit” button again and send the article for moderation. If the article passes the moderation and is published on the website, you may also edit it. All changes should also be sent for moderation and the article will be published again.

4. Becoming an author is not so easy. If moderator has significant questions, that he is unable to solve without your help, he rejects the article from publishing and adds his comment. Information about the comments provided by moderator you may see:

  • In email;
  • In your personal account (in the upper section of “My tickets” menu.

Moderator’s comment will be visible in the bottom. You will need to correct all the notes and send the article for moderation again.

Мои Тикеты

Conclusion. We are sure that you are ready to become an author of the articles on portal of stock trading. Join our ы уверены, что вы готовы стать автором статей на портале биржевой торговли Join our regular readers and writers, share your strategies, thoughts and ideas with other readers of the portal and grow with us!

Have any questions left? Log in to your account, fill the form and send your comment to us. We are available 12 hours a day with almost no day-offs, and that is why will try to publish your articles and answer your questions as soon as possible!

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Best regards, portal team.

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