The site of financial and stock-exchange information offers the ability to register on our portal to all traders regardless of the skill you have and what trading tools you prefer.

The advantages of "Registration as a trader":

  1. You get access to publishing of articles in the following sections of our portal:
  • Investment ideas. In this section you may leave your thoughts about which investments may bring more profit in your opinion. Share with the readers which instrument will be more beneficial in a definite trading period and why! It is allowed to write about the currency pairs as well as about the petroleum or gold, antiques, paintings or diamonds;
  • Binary options strategies. You have a working strategy, which brings a stable income in a binary options trading? Tell about it to our readers! It is possible to add descriptions to already existing strategies with your notes, also you may publish your own tactics;
  • • Futures trading strategies. Futures – a specific tool for trading, which also includes its own strategic tactics. If you have an experience in trading with this tool with any basic asset, you may safely share this with the readers;
  • • Forex trading strategies. The most popular and at the same time complex type of trading – is trading with currency pairs. Here you may describe any of your strategies: your own or any modified ones.
    1. Publishing on our site – is the ability to try yourself not just as a professional trader, but also as a teacher, who shares his knowledge and skills with the readers of your articles. Believe, that to convey your thoughts correctly is not so easy, and our portal is a best platform for such purposes
    2. You get the ability of publishing of the referral links, advertisements of third-party resources in your articles.
    3. Publishing an information on our website, you show your professionalism. And in the nearest time, when you become the real expert (in not yet), profession of trader-analyst will be able to bring you an additional income.
    4. Awareness of what you do is interesting to others. Agree, that when you realize, that your thoughts and ideas are interesting to other, and that other people respect them, this inspires more sureness in stock-exchange trading.

Important: the number of printable characters and images for publishing for traders is not limited!

We are sure, that probably you will be interested in the possibility of joining those who publish their unique materials, ideas and researches on our website. Our team will do everything to make the work with portal most comfortable and convenient. –  arouse a professional trader in yourself!

Basic rules of the publications

Less grammatical and punctuation errors.
Unique text (copy paragraphs or simultaneous publication of the text on several sites monitored by the moderator and may cause rejection of the article).

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