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I would not say that I am a strong fan of free robots (and paid too), but this expert Advisor got me interested. Personally, my opinion — with any robot you need to work more than one month before it will give at least some little bit of steady income. Therefore do not expect that immediately after installation you will get the money. And still this robot is interesting. First, it provides the possibility of manual adjustment to the market, or rather under its sustainability. Second, it can actually bring up to 50% per year (claimed 46% after 6 months — it’s still a fiction).

A little confused by the Persistent Anti equity, but there are no ideal of robots, especially for a long period of testing.

Persistent Anti — trading in volatile markets

The robot is based on the indicator (built into the code of the robot), which determines the stability of the trend. If the trend is sustainable, then there is a high probability that the main direction will continue. If the trend is unstable in the short term, it is possible to change the direction of the price. Think it’s a plus that the stability (instability) of the market the trader defines himself, rather than relying on the robot.

Input data of Persistent Anti:

  • deposit — $ 1,000. Smaller amount without running the risk of loss due to subsidence, large — can distort the advisor. 1-2 thousand dollars — optimum Deposit;
  • drawdown — 26,57%. For work in unstable markets is still quite good;
  • currency pair — Euro/USD. If you take something a little more exotic, there is a risk that the drawdown will be delayed because of the weak liquidity of the currency pair;
  • timeframe — Н4.

The most interesting thing in Persistent Anti is that the robot trades contrary tendencies. That is, when the bearish candle it will buy, and provided a stable market to sell in a bull market. Conversely, in a bear market to sell in conditions of instability and in a bull market to buy. Although this seems counterintuitive, such a reverse strategy in practice is justified. Moreover, the order of opening of trades can be changed in the settings. In case of problems with profit, it is recommended to increase the timeframe.

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Adjustment of Persistent Anti advisor:

  • N — the number of candles used to determine the stability of the trend (selected by the trader);
  • Ratio — the ratio of stable (unstable) candles to their total. Analysis of this parameter is to decide whether to open a position;
  • Reverse — when turned on – the Persistent Anti will trade regardless of the mode stability;
  • Lots — lot size (if MM option is enabled, then this option will not work);
  • Slippage — allowable slippage in points;
  • MM — activation of the automatic money management (the robot calculates the lot size);
  • MaxPositionSize — limit the maximum lot size in the case of the activation of MM function;
  • OrderComment — reviews for open transactions;
  • Magic — the value assigned by robot to its orders to differ them from other orders.

As you can see, most settings are similar to those you met before if you’ve read my reviews. The essence of the settings of the robot is reduced to definition of parameters of stability of the market, but this is the most difficult.

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