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Trade Navigator

Trade Navigator is a professional platform for trading futures and options in futures markets all over the world. Embodies an innovative tool, allowing to make deals and to operate the most sophisticated technical analysis tools.

Trade Navigator is a trading platform for professionals!

This platform originally designed for work in the derivatives markets. Though with its help you can conduct stock trading and Forex trading, its functionality is specifically “locked” to the features of futures trading. Trade Navigator terminal is designed for trading tools such as:

  • shares traded on the stock exchanges of the world;
  • futures and options (underlying assets, any brand ranging from currencies and securities indices and pumping assets of commodity markets);
  • exchange (trade in the Forex market);
  • ETF (shares, shares in special investment funds investing capital in various sectors).

The last tool is very specific — it can hardly be seen in most of the proposed Russian brokers platforms other than MetaTrader 4. Also about specificity and “advancement” of the platform says its functionality: the program is equipped with various functions of technical analysis, custom charts, etc., the Terminal accumulates the exchange of complex information and transforms it to the convenient view for the trader.

Immediately warned: the platform is difficult, that is why for beginners it is better to practice on a more intuitive platform with a smaller set of features. However, futures trading itself is more complex than Forex or binary options. Professional traders will find this platform the tools which will help develop even more talent, skill and trading experience.

trading platform for futures

The standard version of Trade Navigator were free, but now the developer has introduced a cost of 7 dollars for testing the platform for 30 days. The monthly fee for the full version of the program ranges from 59 to 2 495 dollars (depending on the proposed functionality). In the expanded configuration automated trading, hundreds of strategies based on technical indicators, the possibility of programming your own tools on the TradeSense language (Java) and many more are available.

programming of futures indicator

Opportunities of Trade Navigator trading platform:

  • one click trading, advanced functionality of setting orders;
  • the accurate tools of graphical analysis;
  • he presence of trailing stops, ability of trading by algorithms;
  • access to history on the basis of which the testing of strategies is possible (streaming quotes);
  • variety of different customizable filters;
  • routing of transactions through CQG or Rithmic (companies that develop software for technical analysis, derivative markets, providing historical data and real-time data).

It’s not all the functionality that can be available to the trader. Using Trade Navigator trading platform the investor has around the clock access to the derivatives market exchanges like CME, CBOT, ICE, COMEX, NYSELiffe. Supported types of orders: limit, market, stop limit, stop, interchangeable orders spread.

A demo account is present, but now to get access to it is only possible by purchasing the starter package with the basic configuration of the terminal. Also worth noting the variety of tools of the trading platform — more than 5000. Testing strategies (some of them already loaded into the platform), trading on charts, receiving signals — Trade Navigator allows you to maximize your potential.

The interface of the trading platform is quite convenient, although at first glance it seems a bit cumbersome. Colors matched nicely: the traffic quickly catches the eye, no cutting shades. However, there is a small downside — only available in English version. However, it is logical because the platform is focused on European and American exchange of urgent trade.

There is another difficulty — the trading platform is not represented in the Russian stock market. On the broker’s website there is a list of recommended brokers (nearly 2 dozen), but they all have American or European jurisdiction. However, the futures market in Russia practically is not developed, so with such a perfect trading platform as Trade Navigator the investor has a direct route to American markets of express trade.

Summary. Trade Navigator — trading platform of extensive functionality, which covers most of the popular financial instruments. Its functionality provides complete professional trade in the futures market in the U.S. and Europe. The terminal is recommended to those traders who are well versed in futures and options and is focused on long-term work at venues such as ICE or the CME.

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