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CQG Trader

CQG Trader is a professional trading platform for trading on futures exchanges. The platform gives you the opportunity to monitor the behavior of the market online, instantly set the application to monitor orders and open positions.

CQG Trader — a simple reliable terminal easy to use even for novice investors

With CQG Trader you can trade on the major exchanges of the world: the platform provides quotes of derivatives such as futures, options, spreads. Supply of quotations is via FIX/FAST. Traders note quick execution of the order of the trader, convenience of the interface and the ability to get intra-day information for the selected instrument for 9 years (for a more accurate analysis and forecasting of schedule based on historical data). For CQG Trader trading platform it is recommended to have a minimum Deposit of 10 thousand dollars.

In comparison with the more powerful platform Trade Navigator, working with CQG Trader is greatly simplified, which makes it very attractive for novice traders. There’s no built-in indicators as well as ready-loaded strategies. But there is a Russian interface and a reasonable monthly fee. Highly recommend this platform as the start in futures trading.

The main parameters of the trading platform:

  • News in real-time – present;
  • Getting signals – present;
  • Server-Side, Client-Side trailing stop – present;
  • Trading from graphs — absent;
  • Automatic trading — absent;
  • One click trading — absent;
  • programming language — Java.

CQG Trader provides access to global stock exchanges, like ICE, CBOT, NYMEX, CME, EUREX. In addition to derivatives you can trade options indexes, stock and synthetic spreads.

 Trading terminal for futures

CQG Trader is available in two versions:

  • CQG Web Trader — free demo version with limited functionality;
  • CQG Trader — paid version, a subscription fee is around $ 25, however this amount may vary.

For those who only learn the basics of stock trading with futures, it is absolutely enough having the set of tools privided in the free version of the terminal. Small drawbacks: in Russia, only one broker provides access to global exchanges via CQG Trader. However, with the knowledge of English and a good Deposit it is possible to enter international brokers.

We should also pay attention to such opportunities of CQG Trader as a new type of Iceberg orders and DTS. Iceberg is a limit order that is active during the trading day, in which you can specify shared or visible quantity of orders in the queue. DTS is a kind of stop order that is triggered only when the amount in opposite orders is reduced to the number that starts the application. Has 4 varieties depending on the activation: can be activated by a number of stop orders, limit, tracking, or trailing stop limit orders.

Summary. CQG Trader — your passport to international stock exchanges, where there are millions of trades of derivatives market every day. The platform is suitable for beginners, free in the basic version, has Russian and English interfaces. To feel the fullness of the platform, you just need to download it and install it that will take a maximum of 15-20 minutes.

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