Crypto traders and crypto investors new opportunities opened up

Инвестиционная площадка для криптотрейдеров и криптоинвесторов

Company AIVIA launched aninvestment platform that allows investors to link top crypto traders via API Keys.

Mission platform
Our mission is to provide the opportunity for investors to profit in a fast, convenient, secure, transparent and reliable manner from crypto asset management by employing the best Traders and cutting edge technology for the newest and best strategies and risk management.

How does it work?

Users create an account and gain access to the back office, where they can access the investor or trader tools by choosing the Investor mode or Trader mode.
The Back office has a few sections: Dashboard, Top Traders, My Accounts and Payments. You will have access to Support Chat, the Referral program, and My Profile in which you will be able to add your BTC wallet.

AIVIA Advantages for traders

Traders have the opportunity to get exposure to Investors that are users of the platform and manage their accounts. The Platform provides ratings for top traders and any crypto trader can add their project to this rating list. Investors will be able to find statistical data of the trader’s performance and entrust their bitcoin accounts on the crypto exchange for the trader to manage via API keys. AIVIA provides Traders with the opportunity to expand their client base for Assets under Management activity, which will increase the amount of Assets under Management, which in turn increases Trader’s profitability.

AIVIA Advantages for Investors

Investors can pick Top Traders to entrust their crypto exchange accounts via API keys. Investors retain complete control over their exchange account. They can deactivate API keys at any time. A Security Deposit is another tool for protecting investors’ assets.

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