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There are not too many trading platforms that can provide the trader with the necessary tools for futures trading (in comparison with Forex and binary options). NinjaTrader is one of the most popular trading platforms in the post-Soviet space, which gives you the opportunity to earn an income in futures trading, however, the possibility of the classic trade on the FX market is also present here.

NinjaTrader — advanced terminal for futures trade

The features and capabilities of NinjaTrader:

  • work inn financial futures markets and the Forex market (it is possible to connect Currenex);
  • 24 hours a day support (includes educational webinars, forum support);
  • in demo mode testing of the platform is free (limited set of tools);
  • there is a possibility of both manual and automated trading;
  • trailing stops, auto breakeven.

The free version provides the possibility to trade only in manual mode, while automatic additional settings are required to purchase the full version. The list below will help you to decide if you have enough functionality in the free version.

  1. Basic functions of manual trading:
  • Process of order management management (ATM). Helps to quickly deal with the orders and to master the underlying principles of the platform;
  • enhanced management of the orders on the chart. NinjaTrader provides a great opportunity to trade directly on the chart;
  • opening or closing transactions is just a click away;
  • Level II — display depth of market the depth of market quotes, which shows the progress of prices in case of changes in market supply and demand;
  • ability to trade stocks.
  1. The main functions of automatic trading:
  • strategy Wizard. To start you need to choose a point
  • strategy of analyzer.
  • Ninja Script.
  • Bracket Orders. Allows you to automatically set the levels (Take Profit and Stop Loss) when placing an order on pre-defined parameters;
  • OCO Order. Automatic cancellation of orders if there is an execution of other one;
  • Traling Stops — automatic trailing stop loss;
  • Intelligent Stops — automatic transfer of orders to breakeven.

trading of assets

It is easy to notice that the full version of the program (automated trading) can significantly save time for professional trader, eliminating slippage, and fans of the scalping strategy in Forex can not work without  automated trading. By the way, the built-in tools (analytical scripts) created in accordance with the latest developments in the field of trading in financial markets, give you the flexibility to customize the visualization of the dynamics of the market to the individual needs of any investor.

The manual trading mode is recommended for those who are just starting to learn the basics of trading. Demo version allows you to develop your own trading decisions.

Today the latest version of the trading terminal is  — NinjaTrader 8.

To sum up. NinjaTrader trading platform is a great terminal in a free version for those who already have experience with currency pairs and now wants to try his hand at futures financial markets. Nice intuitive interface and a minimum of necessary tools, comprehensive support from both developers and more experienced companions — all this speaks of the versatility of the terminal for both the beginner and the professional.

And for those who really want to appreciate all advantages of this platform, we recommend you the paid version of the terminal!

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