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GMartin Trader

Continue to talk about expert advisors which use the elements of martingale strategy in their work. If you do not use it thoughtlessly, and only in exceptional cases to increase the lot size by 50-70%, following the trend analysis, martingale can bring a good profit. Trading Advisor GMartin Trader just refers to those advisers which use “moderate martingale».

GMartin Trader: 150% of profit in 6 months!

Probably the first thing that attracts in this EA is the lack of negative reviews. If to enter corresponding request in Google, you may find a lot of information about the Advisor, but there are no reviews that it doesn’t work or that the deposit was lost. And yet you should be careful with robot — the maximum drawdown was 69,33%. Recommended deposit — $ 2,000. Taking into account the unstable work of the advisor, with the smaller deposit, the advisor may show the loss.

Profitability shown for 6 months — 150%. Another advantage is that it is working on less liquid currency pairs such as the new Zealand and canadian dollars. However, if you look at equity, it becomes clear that GMartin Trader is an expert Advisor not for the faint of heart. And if you are going to trade the Euro or the US dollar, it is better not to install the robot.

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GMartin Trader settings:

  • Take Profit — desired level of income for each trade order, specified in points;
  • Stop Loss — setting of stop loss on every trade order, also indicated in points;
  • Magic Number — assigning numbers to orders with the aim to distinguish its orders from other EA;
  • PipStep — the minimum distance between neighboring orders (specified in points);
  • MaxOrders — maximum number of orders that the expert Advisor can open on one account;
  • TrailingStop — the length of the trailing stop in points;
  • TimeToWait — the time that pending orders “exist”. When it is expired, the orders are deleted;
  • Lots — lot size for every order;
  • UseRickPercent — enabling automatic lot calculation;
  • RiskPercent — the percentage of the deposit for automatic calculation of lot size;
  • MaxOrderLot — the maximum lot size in case of the automatic calculation.

There are a lot of settings, but they are very clear. Testing in 6 months is not a reason to switch to a real account, because after installing the program, test it for at least 1 year. And let’s hope for 300% per annum is not necessary (for example, the EA has been tested in the summer of 2016 during the drastic fundamental news), 12-15% per month is real.

Summary. Just like any martingale,  GMartin Trader is a dangerous Advisor. For traders who prefer low-risk, recommended programs with the drawdown of up to 30% maximum. Lovers of thrills, faster than revenues, and those who are not afraid of losing the deposit will 100% like this EA. The recommended timeframe is M30. Not recommended to set nearby stops.

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