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Tradesmarter is another modern, functional solution which is able to do trade binary options fast and comfortable. The story of the developer of the trading platform started in 2008 with the creation of the first software in Australia, which provided wide opportunities of online trading for the investors. Being ahead of its competitors by almost 1 year, the company introduced a unique product, but failed to make every effort to stay on the market.

Starting since 2015, the developer went back to Tradesmarter trading platform, modernizing its functionality, features and interface. From that time traders of Asia and the Americas began to use the terminal to implement their investment strategies on the binary options market.

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Capabilities of Tradesmarter trading platform

Tradesmarter trading platform combines complete functionality for professional traders,  flexibility and ease that will satisfy the needs of novice investors. Elastic scalability, the ability to configure expiration dates, forms of binary options, payout percentage – this is not a complete list of what gets a trader starting trading with this platform.

Opportunities for traders:

  • vast selection of ranges of closing of the asset: 1 minute, 30 minutes, an hour. Possibility to implement long-term strategies with the expiry time of an option up to a week;
  • simultaneous viewing of options and graps;
  • additional functions (options with a high level of income, insurance, etc.) nicely complement the profitable trade;
  • fast search feature allows the trader to find the asset in minutes;
  • there is the ability to close trades before the expiry time;
  • trading on the news, which are selected by the analyst of the company or based on technical data analysis.

Unique developments in Tradesmarter trading platform  you can name a few cool features and add-ons. Feature Risk-O-Metter offers the investor to pick his own balance between risk and expected profit. For example, obtaining 90% of the income in case of profitable trades and 15% refund in case of failure.

STRATEGIX trading panel includes exotic types of options for those who already considers himself a guru in the classical trade. Innovative tools and convenient access panels allow the most adroit and successful traders to instantly make changes to the value of the option in accordance to the desired amount of payment.

Trading solutions

Built-in sentiment indicator allows you to visually see and evaluate the overall ratio of the existing contracts Up/Down in accordance with the purchased asset. Personal bar that you set according to your preferences, allows you to secure the necessary assets and tools for instant access to them (for example, your favorite or most profitable assets).

Trading tools of Tradesmarter platform:

  • classic options: Up/Down (with a spread), “Touch” (stake of whether the price touches the indicated level), “Range”;
  • custom options: “Above/Below”, “Barrier” (Range), “One touch”;
  • short-term options: 30 seconds – 5 minutes;
  • long-term: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hour, 24 hours, week.

Features such as “Rollover” and “Take Profit” hardly could be a surprise, but Tradesmarter has  something interesting. A feature of the trading platform is the function “Social trading”, which is popular among trading platforms for Forex trading. The other traders and the results of their transactions to copy the successful strategy (profitable trades marked by the green marks) and to draw lessons from the lesions (red marks).

Mobile capabilities of Tradesmarter

  • user-friendly interface allows you to monitor interactive markets online;
  • there is a possibility of working with Express options with expiration time of 60 seconds, 15 minutes, 30, 45 and 60 minutes;
  • open and completed transactions are displayed in a chart;
  • upon activation of the function of social trading you can view the position of other players;
  • choice of language (14 options), view the balance of funds on deposit, manual account setup.

Mobile Trading Tradesmarter

To sum up. Tradesmarter trading platform has good potential for development provided that developers will continue to add useful functionality to the terminal. Tradesmarter is good for those who are just trying their hand at binary options trading, but the existing functionality is suitable for professionals as well. We believe that the platform can be considered universal, but requiring even greater opportunities for self-trading.

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