AMD is using AI to design new chips

AMD использует ИИ для проектирования новых чипов,

AMD believes that AI can not only help in the design of new chips, but also take over the main job. The company has already started using AI in the development of its processors and GPUs, which promise to be more powerful and efficient.

How is AI helping AMD?

The company uses AI to analyse, test and optimise its chips and to generate new designs and architectures. With the help of AI, it can reduce development time and costs and improve the quality and reliability of its products. AMD also plans to use generative AI to create personalised solutions for different customers and usage scenarios.

What are the benefits of AI for users?

AI allows AMD to create better performing and more power-efficient chips that can handle a variety of tasks, from gaming and graphics to data processing and machine learning. For example, AMD has already launched the XQR Versal AI Core series of chips, which are specifically designed for harsh environments, including space. These chips are highly reconfigurable and support different interface standards.

What are the prospects for AI in the chip field?

AI is the future of the semiconductor industry, which is facing a number of challenges due to the increasing complexity and cost of chip manufacturing. With AI, these challenges can be addressed and new opportunities for innovation and competition can be opened up. Experts estimate that by 2030, the majority of chips will be created using AI.

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