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There are a lot of binary options trading platforms in the market, especially because every broker is trying to complement the basic version of the program by its unique add-ons. By creating a software product, the developers try to make the terminal optimal for a specific target audience: for professionals it important to have a full set of tools, speed and range of different trading strategies, for someone the important point is the interface.

In 2008 a young company UTIP offered the simple uncomplicated trading platform which for now has been able to win more than 35% of the audience of the CIS working with binary options. Its secret is simple:

  • the number of newcomers and those who trade in binary options from time to time, in relation to the professionals is prevalent towards the first ten times, which means the platform should be easy to understand for people, who are far from the economy;
  • the platform should not include many complex functions, trading strategies, etc., because not everyone has the time to delve into the wisdom of technical analysis. Trade needs to be fast and clear, and the developers managed to create such terminal.

UTIP trading platform: simple, convenient, profitable!

UTIP terminal is universal (and somewhat similar to the trading platform xStation): its tools allow to apply the classical strategies in currency trading (Forex) and to work with binary options – it is this quality that distinguishes the program from other terminals.

universal terminal UTIP

Demo version of the platform does not include Forex section

Advantages of UTIP trading platform:

  • in addition to binary options tools it involves trading of assets, such as cryptocurrencies (not quite standard), indices and CFDs, securities, metals, assets commodity markets;
  • wide range of time frames, as no trading platform has: from 5 seconds up to 1 year;

UTIP time periods

  • in the arsenal of a successful trader there are 38 indicators that are grouped in the menu on right side of the screen. Each indicator has its own setting. Advanced trader offers 29 drawing elements (channels, triangles, badges). For convenience, you can change the color scheme, the location of the graphics window (cascade, table).

indicators of UTIP options

How to get first income on UTIP platform

UTIP trading platform offers the trader two types of strategies for binary options trading:

  • Classic. Standard option for forecasting the direction of prices: the value of the asset is increased to the point of explication – profit will amount to 70-85% of the transaction amount. The option execution period is at least 5 minutes;
  • Express. The analogue of the previous type with the difference in the time of explication, which ranges from several seconds to 5 minutes.

It does not include such complex types as “pairs”, “ladder”, etc.

Before trading we suggest you to choose the color scheme of the interface. Only 2 variants: dark and light (choose in the top menu Settings-Color scheme).

  • Important: do not neglect the color scheme! Selection of the right color will allow you to relieve eye strain and to preserve the speed of making a decision!

Using the tools of technical and fundamental analysis, select the asset in the top menu or in the window glass (in the left part of the screen), buy the option, selecting in the window of the desired result and the time of explication.

purchase of UTIP binary option

In the bottom row you will see the final result on all open options. If necessary, the “Report” button will show you the history of your wins and losses for any desired period of trade.

For the convenience of working with a visual diagram you can change some of its parameters:

  • It can be shrinked or stretched;
  • There is a possibility to add (remove) such as the current price, line of the option, grid etc.;
  • changes of the period and the scale of the price chart, setting levels, changing color shades of the candles, lines, trend are available.

setting up UTIP graphs

To sum up. It is probably hard to come up with a more convenient platform for those who only first became acquainted with binary options. There is nothing superfluous, everything is simple, concise and immediately catches the eye. No complicated strategies, no complicated instruments – everything is very clear.

However, the trading platform does not allow the installation of advisers, and especially their settings. If you already consider yourself a professional and are ready for more complex tactics in the field of binary options, then meet modern trading platform SpotOption or classic Metatreyd 4, where robots expert advisors may be customized by you individually and the functionality will allow you to fetch the right tools.

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