Strategy 10 minutes for binary options

бинарный опцион 10

Binary option 10 minutes (the expiration time) is the most comfortable for beginners for several reasons:

  • this time is enough to make several transactions per day in contrast to the time of expiration;
  • from a psychological point of view, 10 minute binary option is optimal, because the excitement of the hour expiration impacts the subsequent nervous tension;
  • expiration of 10 minutes smooths possible temporary price correction and noise that are often found at binary options brokers;
  • there is a time for early closure of option if the trend went in the wrong direction.

About how to build your own strategy, to minimize risks and make money, read on.

Binary options 10 minutes: reveal the secrets of successful trade

The principle of trading binary options 10 minutes is not much different from turbooptions or work with hour time frames brokers. For successful trading, follow these tips:

  • analyze multiple binary time frames. On strong trend for expiration 10 minutes analyze one-minute and 10-minute charts;
  • build system of risk management. The risk per trade for beginner — up to 2% of the deposit, the total risk of simultaneously open trades — up to 15%. At the rate of $ 1. USD recommended minimum deposit amount with the broker — $ 50;
  • don’t get carried away with martingale strategy, it is unprofitable;
  • combine chart patterns and indicators in one strategy;
  • working on fundamental analysis, open the position not earlier than 30 minutes after the publication of the report or news;
  • look for a broker without redrawing..

Good performance is a strategy that gives more than 65% of successful transactions with the yield of the option from 80%.

Examples of top binary options strategies 10 minutes

1. “7 trades out of 10”

The strategy is based on modified classical instruments, which are often used in quick options. But the modification of the indicators is possible to approximate the performance of trade —7 binary options out of 10 are closed in profit.

Trading conditions:

  • timeframe — M10 and above;
  • currency pairs: USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/USD;
  • stake of 3-5% of the deposit.

Recommended indicators — moving averages of Hull (HullMA), Stochastic Histogramm (most brokers have it). Hull moving averages are convenient because they have less delay compared to conventional sliding and therefore give a more accurate signal to the input. Stochastic histogram is more practical.

The signal to buy a CALL option:

  • fast moving line (yellow) runs across the green from the bottom up;

the histogram of the stochastic above the level of “0”.

10 minutes options strategy

One binary option is opened on the next candle after the signal.

2. “Bollinger Bands”

Top strategy that almost never fails. Its essence is in the open position inside the channels, which draws the indicator. Mathematical-statistical approach, the underlying channel indicator for binary option brings the performance of 65-80%.

bollinger bands strategy

Note this picture of the broker platform. Set timeframe 5 minutes is most convenient for expiry 10 minutes. Corrections trend is almost there, price clearly plays a movement within the channel, Bouncing off the floating levels of support and resistance. Green circles are highlighted the most successful entry points, orange — losing positions. The performance of the strategy was 80%.

Recommendations on strategy:

  • add stochastic or RSI, they are in the standard set of each broker. They confirm a potential reversal. Also you can use candlestick analysis and chart patterns;
  • adjust options technical indicators in accordance with the volatility of the currency pair. The parameters are set on the working timeframe (on the secondary it is not necessary) for at least one month for the timeframe of 10 minutes. Values are exposed so that prices have more contact with the boundaries of the corridor without any corrections.

The performance of the strategies largely depends on the broker. The broker should not manipulate quotes to redraw the candles. As a platform it is better to use MT4 where you can download any indicator. A list of good broker companies included in the top 20 of the Russian market, you can find here. You can also use Grosl trading signals, they will help you never miss a good moment of position opening. Signals are available for free for 7 days, there is a possibility of choosing a broker from the list.

Summary. Binary options can be your finest hour, if you can find the patience, the desire to win and spend time learning. Test technical analysis indicators, build your own strategy, look for a reliable broker and earn!

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