Simple but profitable strategy for turbooptions

First you need to set the desired indicator. Take it straight from the platform IQ Option.

Watch the video for this strategy

Go to the tab with the selectable indicators and select Stochastic Oscillator.
Installation of the indicator for IQ Option

Figure 1. Installation of the indicator for IQ Option

Next, you need to select a time interval for the candlesticks.
The choice of interval for candles

Figure 2. The choice of interval for candles

Thus, the indicator is set, you can look for signals for sale and purchase of on selected currency pairs. Recommend to install no more than 6 couples. Signals will be enough.

Buy signal

Two lines of the Stochastic Oscillator indicator must be confident to go over the red line (the oversold level (20)).

Then we need to wait to line up against the red line upwards. Thus it is necessary to wait for one-minute closure of the current candle.

Then open the deal to buy (Call option) the expiry time 2 minutes or 3. You need to test it.
Example of purchase

Figure 3. Example of purchase

The sell signal

First, wait until the Stochastic Oscillator indicator will surely go beyond the overbought (green line level (80)).

The lines of our indicator should turn around and touch or penetrate the overbought zone from top to bottom. Wait until the candle is closed and buy an option (Put).

The expiry time from 2-3 minutes.
Example of selling


I set the task to create a simple indicator for profitable trading strategy for turbo options platform broker IQOption.

Not sure how this strategy will show itself on higher timeframes, but I think that the result will not be worse. Most importantly, we must note that after the signal will take time 2-3 candles. And what timeframe is another question. Watch the video, I traded profitably using the built-in Stochastic Oscillator indicator. Two profitable trades for 12 minutes.

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