Binary options – one of the most popular stock exchange trading tools after Forex. The point of trade is that the trader needs to make a deal for purchasing or selling of the option, after choosing the underlying asset and the expiration period (time of option expiration). When buying or selling the option the trader predicts where the price trend will be for the basic asset (currency, securities, gold, etc.) after the definite time period. If the trade is successful, then the trader may earn from 70 to 400% of lot’s sum. The amount of the profit depends on the selected option type (details below).

“Binary options are not available to retail EU traders. If you are not a professional trader, please leave this page.”

BrokerReviewsMinimum depositMinimum rateProfitabilityMobile applicationRegulatorLink
1Broker Olymp trade
Founded in 2014
1 $10 $до 90%International Finance CommissionView more
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2Broker Grand Capital
Grand Capital брокер
Founded in 2006
10 USD1 USD444%ВануатуView more
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3Broker IQ Option
IQ Option
10$1$85%CySECView more
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The advantages of binary options trading:

  • The simplicity. Unlike Forex, where the profit is generated due to price growth or fall, binary options trading has 2 results: whether the trend direction is guessed or not.;
  • There is no need to monitor for price trends 24 hours a day and search for the means of most convenient ways of leaving the market By choosing Turbo-options, you may get the result in 60 seconds;
  • High profitability, the amount of which you know beforehand, when making a stake. Binary brokers specify the profitability of the tool in their conditions.

Important! Though the binary options trading is more easier than Forex, but it requires the same complex approach to strategy development and tools usage of technical and fundamental analysis. Any attempts to “guess” the trend direction may lead to deposit loss. financial portal has analyzed the conditions of many of the binary brokers, and offers you the verified companies, which provide the optimal trading conditions: minimum deposit level, small lot’s step, convenient and clear trading platform, and also, the wide variety of tools with the educational materials. Binary brokers, that are present in the list, will fit both professionals and those who just learn the basis of binary options trading.

Binary brokers and options types.

Binary brokers differs from each other by the trading conditions, and the offered tools (otions types) and trading platforms. And if the convenience of the platform each one evaluates by himself (more about the binary options platforms here), than the trading conditions is a very important moment.  When choosing the binary broker, please pay attention to:

  • The presence of the regulator. The most reliable regulator of the world are described here;
  • The presence of free demo account;
  • The ways of adding funds and their withdrawal. Every broker has different terms of withdrawal (1-7 days) and different commission fee for the operation;
  • The sum of the minimal deposit. Binary brokers set high entry threshold for professionals. We recommend the novice traders to pay attention to the brokers, where the deposit amount is 0-5 USD;
  • The sum of the minimal deal;
  • The profit level in case of successful trade.

Despite the limited set of tools (there are about 10 binary options types), not every broker offer the access to all features. We selected the most popular options and placed them in the ascending order by the complexity. It is logical, that as the complexity increases, the sum of the profit increases either, which may rise up to 300-400 % from the sum of the lot.

Options types:

  • Classical “Call-Put”. The trader needs to predict, whether the price grows or falls till the term of the current level ends. Profitability 75-90%;
  • Turbo options. The variety of the classical option with the expiration period within 30 seconds – 5 minutes. Recommended for usage after the news splash;
  • One Touch. The investor should predict, whether the price touches the frixed level during the defined period. Wherever the trend is by the ter expiration, and if it touches the level, the trade is successful;
  • The investor should predict, whether the price for the basic asset stays within the fixed range by the end of the options expiration, or if it goes out of the range. The stakes can be made for both events;
  • The trader is offered two correlating assets, for example, gold and silver, or dollar and euro. By the options expiration the trader should predict which asset will have the higher price;
  • The investor should predict the touch of the price range of several levels at a time;
  • J Ladder. The variety of the previous variant of the option with one difference: the investor sets the level himself. It is offered only for definite binary brokers.

We hope that this information was useful for you. Stay with financial portal and let your proficiency in exchange trading grows together with us. Luc и пусть ваш профессионализм в биржевой торговле растет вместе с нами. Successful trades for you!