Futures brokers – financial institutions offering brokerage services in futures trading on global stock exchanges (e.g. CME, ICE).

Financial portal of exchange trading and analytics Investlb.com selected the list of best futures brokers on its webpages, which could provide the service for futures trading to their clients. The principles of our selection:

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  • optimal trading conditions for professionals and for beginners;
  • availability of trading platforms that allows quick trade on any markets of the world.

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BrokerReviewsMinimum depositMinimum rateLeverage / ProfitabilityMobile applicationRegulatorLink
Холдинг ФИНАМ
Founded in 1994
30000 rubles0,01 lot (for currencies)1:40Bank of RussiaView more
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2Broker Forex Club
брокер Forex Club
Founded in 1997
10 USD10 USD - 0,01 lot1:100, 1:200ЦРФИНView more
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3Broker AMarkets
Founded in 2007
Absent0.01 lot1:3000КРОУФРView more
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Futures – derivative financial instrument (derivative), which is a contract for the delivery of an asset at a fixed period at a price at the date of conclusion of the contract.

  • Example: the buyer and seller enter into a contract in January for the supply of oil in April for $ 40 per barrel. If by April the oil price increases, the loss will get the seller, because the oil will be forced to sell at a lower price. Conversely, a drop of oil in April, will lead to the loss of the buyer, which according to the contract is obliged to buy the contracted amount of assets.

Completely different assets can act as the underlying asset in futures contracts. In addition to classic metal, currency, commodity assets in the stock market indices can act as an asset.

In terms of the specifics of the exchange, futures trading is based on the same principles as the trade in the Forex market. Futures brokers provide trading platforms at the disposal of the investor, that can monitor online quotes futures contracts. A trader opens a short or long position, following the fundamental factors and apply technical analysis tools.

Important: futures trading strategies differ from the trading strategies in the currency market, as the price of futures contracts differ from the actual price of the asset. In other words, for the same value of the asset at the date of conclusion of the contract value of the futures for delivery in 1 month or 3 months may be radically different.

Futures brokers: futures trading basics

The most famous platforms, where to trade futures is the CME (Chicago Mercantile exchange), NYMEX (new York), MATIF (France), ASX (Australia). To get to these sites is not so easy even for the broker. Because of the fact that the Futures broker is ready to provide access to these sites, already indicates the high level of his reputation.

Types of strategies in futures trading is no less diverse than in the trade in the Forex market. Basic strategies you may find in this article. We focus our attention on some of the nuances of futures trading:

  • there are short-term (intraday), medium term (close at the end of the week) and long-term strategies. Novice investors recommend long-term strategies with low illiquid assets. For example, the Rand (currency of South Africa). Price trend is not changing at high speed, allowing you to hone your skills with a low level of risk;
  • always insure yourself with stop loss orders. Hope to win one of the main reasons for the loss of the Deposit. Correctly exposed “foot” – the key to minimize the losses;
  • set the bar for yourself that regulates losses (risk) and profit. Self-discipline (closing 50% of position when it seems that the trend can give even more) – this is the path to professional success;
  • do not enter the market if the trend is growing very fast. This may mean that the game entered speculative capital of same traders like you who are tempted to fast growth rates. As soon as a major investor outside the market is at the peak, the rapid collapse may soon begin. Your task is to see the trend’s slowdown, record the level of trading and, on the basis of the signals, to open a short position;
  • Watch out for correlating or faster signals. For example, for futures on 30-year-old US government bonds will signal a leading trend in the 5-year-old bond – their price moves for a few seconds faster, because it is a more liquid asset. Correlated signal for bonds will be stocks: as soon as clear growth begins, we can talk about the drop-down trend of bonds.

Futures brokers and futures trading is a rather specific tool for investors of Russia and CIS countries. However, despite its originality, the level of risk here is the same as in the case of Forex trading. For those who want to master this tool, the portal Investlb.com recommends to follow the publications in the section “Futures Strategy”, where we post opinions and tactics of professional traders and representatives of investment companies, working with venues in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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