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Investment holding Finam, established in 1994, is in the top 5 of largest retail brokers in Russia, rendering services on transactions with securities, asset management, etc. Through the division of Finam investors can not only access MB, but also the NASDAQ, NYSE, European, courts, the stock exchange of Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, etc. Own subsidiaries in the USA (WhoTaders Inc. - The United States, WhoTaders Ltd. - EU) allow Russian investors to directly participate in the purchase of shares on the stock markets of the USA and the EU, bypassing the offshore intermediaries. Representative offices of the holding located in more than 100 cities around the world, covering banking, brokerage and investment and trust areas.

The structure of the holding:

  • JSC "Investment company "FINAM". The broker that provides services in foreign exchange (OTC) and stock markets;
  • "Management company "Finam Management" LLC. Company providing asset management services to all categories of customers (phys., Jur. individuals and institutional investors);
  • "" LLC (the structure operating in the information and analytical direction);
  • JSC "Bank Finam";
  • ANO "Training center "FINAM". The training division of the broker Finam allocated in separate structure. Courses at the education centre covers almost all investment directions starting from trading on the foreign exchange market, ending collective investment, management of equity, pension investment;
  • investment fund FINAM GLOBAL

Broker JSC "Finam": overview of trade services

Under the brand of "Broker Finam" the company provides brokerage services on the stock market and offers a few interesting services (below). Work of the broker Finam is closely connected with the structural divisions of holding "Finam Forex", "Learning centre" and Bank holding structure, where the most customer accounts are open. According to the expert rating Agency "Expert RA", JSC "Finam" has a rating of a + + with the forecast "stable" (reliable company in the medium term).

According to statistics MB, the broker of JSC "Finam" at the end of 2016 has:
  • 2nd place in the number of registered customers (160,378 thousand customers);
  • 2nd place for the number of active clients (at least once a month, made the transaction) - 15,909 thousand (In January of 2017 1st place- 16,29 thousand.)
  • 8-th place by volume of deals concluded in the interests of customers: turnover in December 491,17 billion. (January 2017 - 5-th place with a turnover of 497,185 billion).
Learn more about services offered by the broker Finam.

1. Online stock store "Finam"

Broker Finam is one of the most high-tech brokers of stock market. After the remote opening of brokerage accounts (subject to identification in the registry of public Services) was legally allowed in 2015, Finam one of the first in the fall of 2015 launched online store stock service that allows any investor in just a few clicks to become the owner of securities of Russian companies.

To buy shares in this service you may only on the Moscow exchange. When buying securities, the investor becomes the actual owner. Securities shall be credited to the depository, a corresponding entry is automatically added to the register of shareholders.

Upon entering the service of the potential investor meets the list of the most popular on MB stock, and filters:

  • the leaders of growth over a certain period (day, month, etc.);
  • paper in accordance with the company's capitalization;
  • the value of securities in a rising or falling version;
  • papers by sectors.

Online store allows you to buy shares of several foreign companies (their list is very limited) and bonds. The first step is the choice of purchase option: the purchase of securities for itself, or purchase of certificate of securities to third parties. Price per share immediately displayed at the time of purchase with all the commissions of the broker.

The minimum number of shares for each lot is individual. For example, for Sberbank stocks the minimum lot size is 20 shares, for securities of the Bank "Vozrozhdeniye" - 4 shares, for shares of VTB Bank - 50 thousand shares.

The second step is completing the questionnaire and entering your phone number on which the code will be sent. The code in fact will be the password to the purchase of securities. The whole procedure of purchase of shares is a maximum of 5-7 minutes. Within 24 hours Manager of the broker contacts the trader and offers 2 options: to attach a scan of the passport and identification code in a private office or come to the broker to the office to sign the contract. After identification, the shares will be credited to the trading account within 5 days.

To sell shares, you will need to install a special program (the broker will provide it, for example, TRANSAQ). In the terminal you need to set an order for the sale of the lot, the time to complete the mission is about 15 minutes. To withdraw your profit you need to provide Finam broker the order and your bank account.

2. Personal investment account

Individual investment account - an account with Finam broker, which opens a physical entity and by which it is possible to obtain payment of 13% income tax. Investment conditions:

  • the maximum amount of investment - up to 400 thousand rubles. annually;
  • the investment period not less than 3 years. If personal investment account is closed before this time, compensation of income tax returns to the budget.

The investor can choose 2 options of investment: account (A) - provides for a refund of 13% of the amount deposited, the account type (b) - compensation of 13% of the income turnover. The first variant of account is suitable for passive investors, the second – for those who often make transactions on the stock exchange.

In the personal investment account service 4 possible types of strategy are available to trader:

  • passive - yield 5%;
  • conservative - 13%;
  • optimal - 30%;
  • aggressive - 50%.

Currently the number of proposed strategies is six. Each of them has a detailed review with Manager comments. The review includes a short description (assets) and the yield curve for different periods. In "Discussion" subsection, you may learn opinions about the strategy of professional investors.

Personal investment account can be opened remotely by filling in a registration form, or using the State Services website.


The service from Finam broker has much in common with social trading. is the automatic repetition of transactions, which allows you to see the strategy of the most successful traders in the stock and derivatives markets. The investor may read a brief description of the strategies and statistics of profitability.

This service is closely linked with the service "Auto" with the help of which traders can replicate the strategy by signals of the author of the strategy. The authors of the strategies can earn on their ideas from 1 to 7.5% per annum of the net asset value of strategy subscribers. The service operates a service Trade Center, allowing to follow the actions of professional portfolio managers of IK Finam online.

4. WhoTrades

This is another version of social trading, which is a chat (portal) for communication of investors (broker-platform created on the basis of company which is the Cyprus jurisdiction). The service allows you to blog, publish your predictions on any asset. At the core of the service there is a Personal account, which is essentially a remote control in the hands of the trader. The service allows:

  • to trade with 4 different terminals: TRANSAQ MMA, TradeX, MMA-Mobile, MT 5;
  • to open a trading account in rubles (including through Finam), euros or dollars;
  • open positions with the leverage for Forex 1:500, for stock market 1:50;
  • to trade on the stock exchanges of the USA and Europe.

This service is a kind of extended version of the Finam. And although the service is positioned as an integral part of the broker Finam, in fact it is a separate brokerage site with elements of social trading, which can open the access to the services of the Finam and directly to the stock markets.

5. "Single account"

An innovative service that allows you to make trades on several exchanges from one trading account in the futures, stock and foreign exchange sites of MB and in the market of foreign securities of the stock exchange of St. Petersburg. Trading features of Single account:

  • the minimum deposit amount is 30 thousand rubles.;
  • flat rate for margin trading;
  • trade can be conducted through the platform TRANSAQ, QUIK Finam Trade.

This service will be of interest to those who work simultaneously in several markets and is not ready to spend time on the operations for all trading accounts. Broker Finam calls as the benefits  lower commission, but this question should be clarified, as in some cases other services can be more profitable.

"Finam Forex" LLC

"Finam Forex" LLC, structural subdivision of the broker Finam in December 2015 became the first company licensed by the Central Bank in accordance with the new law about Forex (as 27.02.2017 only 6 brokers received a license). Also, "Finam Forex" LLC is included in SRO AFD (Association of Forex dealers) from October 2016.

Trading conditions:

  • platform MetaTrader 4;
  • one of the most competitive market spreads;
  • 26 currency pairs;
  • minimum lot size is 0.01;
  • maximum leverage - 1:40 (the law sets a limit of 1:50).

To become a client of "Finam Forex", you need to sign up a framework agreement with a broker. Minimum deposit amount - 30 thousand rubles, replenishment in USD or Euro is impossible. In theory, the deposit of the investor should go into a segregated account, but this possibility is not provided technically, because the trading account is a bank account.

"Finam Forex" - is a reliable broker that makes money through the spread, but all transactions occur within the broker according to the principle of clearing - according to the law "Forex dealer is not able to remove transactions in the external counterpart". In the range of assets there are no metals or assets of commodities or CFDs. They are not necessary, because all of these real assets the investor can buy through other units of Finam, including foreign.

Advantages of cooperation with "Finam Forex":

  • there is a free demo account;
  • great opportunities for training: courses, seminars, trainings in many cities of Russia. Comprehensive training of trading in the foreign exchange and stock markets allocated in separate structural division of the "Training center" and "Academy-Forex";
  • broker contract provides the possibility of the solution of disputes in court, if the claim had not been resolved at the time of communication with the trader.

Depositing of money on a trading account is possible only under the clearing settlement through the bank (or online banking for customers of Bank "Finam"), transfer via e-wallets is impossible. You can withdraw money within 2 days from the moment of submitting the order, the commission for the withdrawal is missing. Finam as a tax agent, when withdrawing money broker deducts 13% of income tax.

Summary. Finam website can be called an online Republic, where there is information on all divisions of the holding and services. Finam is a high - tech organization, which has several years ahead of competitors, offering investors unique investment solutions for comfortable trading. There are more than 300 thousand clients. Before becoming a client of Finam broker, we recommend you to carefully review its organizational structure and to choose the investment direction.

Холдинг ФИНАМ

Year of foundation: 1994

Location: Russia Moscow

Regulator: Bank of Russia

Minimum deposit: 30000 rubles

Leverage / Profitability: 1:40

Minimum trade: 0,01 lot (for currencies)

Russian-language support

Demo account

Mobile application

Available assets: 26 currency pairs, shares of stock markets

Trading platforms: МТ 4, TRANSAQ, QUIK, Finam Trade

Spread: 0.00015

Languages: Русский

Payment systems: Безналичный банковский перевод

Bank transfer

Phone: +7 (495) 796-93-88, +7 (495) 1-346-346,





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Broker rating

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Deposit / Withdrawal
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