Developer of professional trading platforms for binary options trading started in 2008, that coincided with the gradual growth of the popularity of this type of trading. In 2013, the company offered brokers an innovative platform with maximum technical support, and was able to conquer one of leading positions in this direction.

This software solution as the free test is only available for brokers. The main developer website allows you to register in the trading platform only after adding the link to the site and a page for iFRAME.

Such complexity is justified: the developer made every effort to create not just a new product but optimally comprehensive, accessible, with technical support, as well as with different variations of the base packages.

Advantages of TRADOLOGIC for the broker and types of packages

By offering its clients a trading platform TRADOLOGIC, the broker receives:

  • absence of investments for promotion and trading platform remains on the web site of the broker under its own brand (which is allowed by the developer at the minimum comfortable conditions of royalty);
  • foreign exchange brokers get the opportunity to easily enter the binary options market using the MT4 plugin platforms and Leverate;
  • cross-trades between platforms.

Let’s also add tools of insurance of broker activities, the ability to receive quotes from several sources (access to 6 sources) – other individual proposals for brokers can be seen on the website of the developer.

TRADOLOGIC developer offers broker 4 packages for trading platform:

  • basic: includes trading platform only;
  • Package B: includes full management system;
  • Package C: includes website;
  • Package D: additional add-ons and functionality.

packages for brokers

The trading platform has all the necessary licenses which have the power in the EU and beyond (Cy SEC IF CA JFSA)

Capabilities of TRADOLOGIC platform for clients

In this platform, investors will find the classic tools for binary options trading, and something new. First, TRADOLOGIC developer offers the investor a choice of 8 different skins (variations of the interface and layout of charts, tools, taking into account color). It is no secret that the comfort for the trader and the speed of analysis (arrangement of elements) is above all. And skins will satisfy any person.

Second, the platform itself is attractive for its simplicity: for a successful trade simply choose your asset, option and make a transaction. Assets, standard metals, raw materials, currencies, securities and indexes – a total of more than 150 tools.

TRADOLOGIC trading platform offers 4 strategies:

  • Digital. Standard binary options trading. The investor operates two buttons “CALL” and “PUT”, trying to predict whether the price of the asset rise or fall by the time of the explication of the option;
  • Touch. The investor will make a profit provided that the price chart touch a certain level over a specified time range. It’s harder, but the profit is much more;
  • Range. The trader must predict whether the price of an asset will be within a certain range to the term of explication;
  • Turbo. Short-term strategy where the option expires in 60 seconds, 2 minute and 5 minutes.

TRADOLOGIC trading strategies

Such functions will be new for the trader as Take Profit (close the position upon the occurrence of certain conditions and at a reduced cost) and Rollover (the ability for additional payment, % of wages, to extend time position).

There is the possibility of simultaneous execution of several transactions, the choice of the term of explication (the end) of a binary option etc. Also there are more advanced functions, such as the “Insurance option”, “Revaluation” (the change in the case of an open position), a “Pool” (prediction of expiration of the option term) to finally interest the trader by wide options of TRADOLOGIC trading platform.


To sum up. Despite seeming, at first glance, a standard set of tools, the platform compares favorably with competitors in a wide range of functions, optimization algorithms, and all sorts of variations of the presentation of binary options trading for the trader. The terminal operates on any device from the website of the broker without a need of installation.

Overall, TRADOLOGIC trading platform has left a positive impression, and we can recommend it as a terminal for the professional trader. For beginners, TRADOLOGIC is a great opportunity to experience the breadth of opportunities of binary options trading.

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