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Not so many people in the CIS countries heard about this trading platform with which it is possible to trade with binary options. And even if you try to find this in the Internet, by driving the corresponding word in a search engine, almost all the links will be in English.

TechFinancials trading platform preferred by many professional traders in the world, because of its vast functionality, immense capabilities and sophisticated instrumentation. We see this as the only reason why the terminal is not yet so common in our area (beginners investors prefer simplified platform).

Today TechFinancials is actively conquering the American market, and this means that very soon the developer will update its version of the platform, presenting a new terminal, taking into account the interests and preferences of traders of the CIS countries.

Successful trading on TechFinancials trading platform

Successful trading on TechFinancials trading platform       

TechFinancials terminal was established in 2009, when the growing popularity of binary options started. While some developers are trying to create a terminal based on the already existing platforms for Forex trading, the company offers a new innovative product, developed on the basis of efficient technologies such as ORCA+. The basis of the program laid the basic algorithms and strategies for the market trade, aspects of pricing that allows you to bring in TechFinancials a range of effective tools for doing profitable trade.

The terminal has in its arsenal more than 100 trading instruments, from currencies, stocks and stock indices, finishing with metals, oil and other assets of commodity markets. Until recently, the minimum lot size was $25, now the threshold was lowered to $10.

Trading opportunities for the trader (strategies and types of binary options):

  • High/Low. The classic option that you can open 15 minutes before it ends;
  • Touch. Type of “Touch” option;
  • “Border”. Options “inside” or “outside” the border;
  • short-term options are presented in several variations of the expiry time: 60 seconds 2 and 5 minutes;
  • long-term options are presented only in two variants: 1 day or 1 month;
  • mobile trading for for smartphones and tablets operating sustems (Android, IOS).

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Peculiarities of TechFinancials terminal for clients:

  • speed of work. Thanks to a patented pricing technology platform features high performance it has a unique quick speed of processing applications of traders;
  • prices and quotes on any asset is shown in real time, allowing you to make a decision in accordance with the market sentiments;
  • the possibility of combining trading with currencies (Forex), CFDs (contracts for difference) and binary options trading;
  • availability of online trading and mobile trading.

One of the most attractive functions for client  – the ability to sell the option ahead of time, provided that, prior to his graduation there is more than 5 minutes. Function of early closure of the option is offered not by every broker. If it is installed automatically, it can be switched off.

Advantages of  TechFinancials for brokers:

  • integration with the API. The marketing Department has full access to CRM and other technologies to obtain information about the work of the broker;
  • the trading platform is connected directly to the website of the developer, which allows the broker to obtain statistics and analysis from TechFinancials instantly;
  • the broker may choose those modules that are of interest to him and his clients. It is possible to obtain the whole complex of services from the developer, which includes a full functional website development and connection of payment systems for financial transactions.

How to start cooperation with TechFinancials.

Cooperation with developers is possible only after filing a request for partnership. The website is entirely in English, there is quite a little information about the platform – kind of protection from those who try to use the platform for free.

Terms of partnership are discussed only after its initiator (broker) will leave the data (Skype, email, phone). The opportunity to demo test of a trading platform of TechFinancials potential investors on the company’s website is not provided by the developer.

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To sum up. Definitely for traders with little experience or beginners trading platform TechFinancials is difficult to grasp, but professionals will surely find many advantages in it. The brokers who become partners of TechFinancials, almost make no changes to the platform.

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