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How quickly to earn on fluctuations of currencies in the Forex market

To earn on currency fluctuations literally within hours, it is important to understand the reasons of quotes change. We offer a maximum of information for fundamental analysis of liquid and exotic currencies, and introduce you to new trends in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

From the section “the Forex Market” you will learn:

  • what currency and monetary policy conducted by the countries in relation to their currencies;
  • on how decisions of the Central Bank influence the currency pairs. Where and how to invest in real time data rate;
  • how currency, stock and commodity markets correlate among themselves;
  • what currency is best for trade at the moment;
  • how do the market makers and liquidity providers work;
  • is it possible to earn on cryptocurrency and more.

Our analysts try to choose for you only the most necessary, useful and important information among the information space.

What you need to do to earn on currency fluctuations:

  • stay in touch with the news using the economic calendar. The most important are the news from Central Banks, reports from the United States and investor sentiment;
  • it is easier to earn on liquid currencies (USD, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, yen, Euro, Swiss francs and British pounds sterling);
  • always install the Forex stop-loss, if you have enough trading experience. Do not go to real account without  testing and analysis backtest strategy on a demo account;
  • use signals. Example — professional trading platform Grosl Trader with a free demo period of 2 weeks;
  • use exotic pairs only for medium – and long-term strategies;
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