Forex strategy is a set of technical, logical and fundamental tools that, together with psychological and behavioral factors of a trader can yield results. Moreover, the psychological factor and the ability to assess risks — a minimum of 1/3 of the effective Forex trading.

It is not easy to find a reliable Forex strategy. Many of those that you can download online for free, can make a profit in the best case in a short period of time. But buying the paid strategies does not guarantee 100% result. Evaluation of the strategy is assessed on the following parameters:

  • character of equity graphics;
  • the size of the maximum drawdown;
  • the number of consecutive profitable and losing trades;
  • the ratio of profitable and unprofitable trades;
  • the number of transactions in the testing process.

All strategies have common characteristics. First, the need for the development of the system of money and risk management. It is not recommended to trade without a stop order. Second, the strategy should not be overloaded with indicators. For optimal trade it is enough to trade with 1-2 major and 1-2 confirming indicator, it is important to compare signals of indicators with fundamental factors. Thirdly, there are no universal strategies, all the tactics adapt to a particular asset and a particular market situation. There is not a single strategy that give 100% guarantee of profit.

On the pages of investment exchange portal we collected more than 50 different strategies that can satisfy almost any trader:

  • scalping and intraday strategies, medium – and long-term tactics;
  • trending strategies and strategies for trading in flat;
  • strategies based on technical indicators, figures or fundamental analysis;
  • conservative strategy with moderate yield and tactics based on Martingale;
  • strategies for liquid pairs and exotic instruments.

Reliable Forex strategies from are popular among many traders. To simplify the choice of strategy for you, in each review, we indicated in details the input conditions of tactics, technical analysis tools on which to base strategy, told how to open and close position and added some of the related video file for clarity. You have only to make a choice!

  • Important! The success of the strategy depends on the settings of the trading platform, the broker and the market situation. Any strategy is tested on demo account for a few months!

If testing is successful and you are ready to develop further, we recommend you to visit the section for professionals — “Expert Advisors“, where you can find everything for automated trading. — we will help you to make trading profitable!