Detailed information about the Forex market

Forex is an international market of interbank currency exchange at free prices formed on the basis of the economic laws of supply and demand, and also influenced by market conditions. Under the terminology of the Forex understand just currency exchange (buy/sell), which are held by traders (investors) through brokers. As brokers are commercial banks, dealing centers specialized companies with the appropriate license. The rights of investors and integrity of brokers are cheched by the following regulators.

Broker Reviews Minimum deposit Minimum rate Leverage Mobile application Regulator Link
1 Broker JustForex
Founded in 2012
100 USD 0,01 lot до 1:3000 IFSC View more
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2 Broker Grand Capital
Grand Capital брокер
Founded in 2006
10 USD 1 USD 444% Вануату View more
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3 Finam
Холдинг ФИНАМ
Founded in 1994
30000 rubles 0,01 lot (for currencies) 1:40 Bank of Russia View more
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Founded in 2010
0.0 0.01 400:1 View more
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5 Broker AAAFx
брокер AAAFx
Founded in 2008
300 USD 1:1, 500:1, до 85%; MiFid View more
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6 Broker NPBFX
брокер NPBFX
Founded in 1996
10 USD /10 euro /500 rub 0,01 лота 1:200 IFSC View more
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7 Broker Forex Club
брокер Forex Club
Founded in 1997
10 USD 10 USD - 0,01 lot 1:100, 1:200 ЦРФИН View more
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8 Broker eToro

Founded in 2006
100 USD CySEC View more
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9 Broker AMarkets
Founded in 2007
Absent 0.01 lot 1:500 КРОУФР View more
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10 Broker Larson&Holz
брокер Larson&Holz
Founded in 2004
250$ 0,01 89% Vanuatu View more
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11 Broker TrioMarkets
логотип TrioMarkets
Founded in 2014
$500 - minimum $100. 0.01 lot CySEC View more
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12 Broker Ice-FX
Founded in 2016
100 USD 1:50 - 1:200 FINMA View more
Go to site financial portal of stock trading will guide you through all the corners of trading on Forex market. Here you will know about how to choose the right broker and trading platform for successful trading, what strategies are, how to avoid fraud. You will find a constantly updating section with the most necessary news, able to influence, and also the section in which the traders and analysts publish their trading ideas.

In simple words: Forex is a huge global market where you can buy and sell any currency and receive income on rate difference. The goal of the trader is to predict in which direction price trend will move in the short or long term on the selected currency and earn income in the case of a correct forecast.

  • Important: trade in the Forex market gives the trader the income from changes in the exchange rate. International law provides the procedure for taxation of income received from trading currency when withdrawing investor funds from the trading account. For example, in the United States responsibility for paying tax on the income of the trader lies on the broker, in Russia – on the trader.

Trade in the Forex market goes around the clock: there are 4 trading sessions – Asian, Pacific, American and European, which alternate with each other. A trader can open (to give order to the broker):

  • a long position (buying the currency with the expectation to sell it more expensive);
  • a short position (selling the currency with the expectation to buy it to close the deal at a lower rate).

Together with the financial exchange portal you will learn:

  • how is the Forex market arranged: who are the participants, how to open an account with a broker anywhere in the world, how to earn and withdraw money;
  • what influences currency exchange rates, what are the indicators of technical and fundamental analysis;
  • how to conduct a profitable trade on the Forex market: how to assess the direction of price trend, how to protect yourself from losses;
  • what strategies are there in Forex market;
  • how to be able to control yourself and keep interior peace.

You want to become a successful trader with Then these sections will help you learn a lot of new information to trade on the Forex market:

  • Brokers. This section includes brokers offering attractive conditions for trading in the Forex market. In this list of companies licensed by major regulators, you will find a reliable partner as the novice trader and the professional. In addition, the portal team prepared descriptions of the trading conditions and the strengths of each broker, to simplify the problem of optimal choice.
  • Trading platforms. This section presents popular trading terminals, through which traders can carry out transactions. The portal team also prepared short description of the functionality of each platform and benefits of trading for each category of traders.
  • Trading strategies. Trade in the Forex market will be even more successful if you apply the strategy collected in this section. In addition to the classic here are the trading tactics and sophisticated strategies published by traders were able to succeed in the Forex market.
  • Regulators. Only trust brokers with a valid license of a reliable controller! This page presents all key regulators of the world who follow the integrity of the broker and the rights of the trader at Forex market.
  • News. This section was order to keep you aware of the latest analytical news. Foreign exchange market news, companies, global Economics and geopolitics – visit this section and read! We promise, it will be interesting!
  • Investment ideas and interviews with traders. In this section, you are given a trading experience of traders and managers of investment companies. Here you will see the personal opinions and interesting investment options of foreign exchange and of stock or commodities markets. Well, listen to them or not – you decide!

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