Binary options strategies are the techniques, based on one or more technical indicators, and are intended for use under certain market conditions. Distinguish between short-, medium – and long-term strategy, the trend and flat strategies, conservative and risky.

There are many different trading systems, which depend on the desired income, risk, nature of trade etc. On our website we have gathered individual binary options strategies which are relatively simple and straightforward. For clarity and proper understanding of the description of the strategies have the following structure:

  • a brief description of applied strategy tools with a description of their work;
  • the settings of the indicators and the underlying conditions of application of the strategy;
  • signals to open and close a position, recommended risk insurance;
  • video on how to use the strategy on a definite example.

How to choose a binary options strategy?

Before the selection of strategy decide what risks you are willing to bear and what profit you want. Conservative strategies have the least risk, but profit is also small. You should not assume that the more the strategy of binary options indicators used — the better. With the oversaturation of the strategy indicators entry signals are rare and not always profitable. It is important that market entry was relatively frequent, but the percentage of profitable trades outweigh the percentage of losing.

Tip: any strategy can have a backtest – the result of the test, which will show the growth curve of the deposit, the number of unprofitable and profitable trades, consecutive, etc. According to the analysis of the backtest the decision to use the strategy can be made very easily!

Another selection criterion is the asset and the period of validity. Some people prefer liquid currencies, someone exotic. Someone likes, when the strategy opens and closes trades within 5 minutes, and someone prefers expiry period of 1 hour. Recommend to read on the forums the reviews of those who have worked with the strategy you are interested in.

Important: after you download the strategy, take the time to apply it on your trading account! Be sure to test it on a demo account and make sure that it is actually able to generate income. If something went wrong, try to understand the reasons. Often a strategy can be made profitable, slightly changing the parameters of the indicators, and sometimes the cause is in the trading platform or broker.

And the last tip: do not attempt to use a binary options strategy without understanding how it works. Only by understanding the principle of technical analysis tools, you will be able to ensure that the strategy gained profit. Beginner traders are not recommended to trade before the news release and after it, because at this point, the market behavior is not predictable. — our binary options strategy will help you to earn!

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