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Rumus – trading and analytical platform, which is the proprietary of Forex Club along with the platform Libertex. However, if Libertex is a simplified learning terminal in which everything is done so novice traders can quickly understand the functionality, Rumus is a professional platform, which aims to compete with the MT4. At least Rumus is very similar to the functionality of the MetaTrader, but has its own characteristics.

  • You may download the platform online for free on Forex Club website. The download and installation takes a maximum of 10 minutes. Immediately after installation you can test the platform in demo mode or connect the trading account in the bottom menu. To open a position even in test mode is possible only after registration.

Rumus — customizable modular system for professionals

When we first met with Rumus similarities with MT4 catches the eye immediately. Unobtrusive interface in bright colors, however it is fully loaded by information.

Rumus main view

The top menu contains everything you need to start trading: a list of indicators, selection of schedules  — a full featured toolbar that is similar to the principle of building with classic graphic and text editors. Rumus allows you to open as many windows as necessary and to place them as you wish. Technology drag-n-drop allows you to move tools from one window to another with the mouse.

Main features of Rumus:

  • the ability to program your own indicators on the basis of language RuLang. The language Rumus fundamentally different from MQL4. This difference is impossible to describe in few sentences. It’s just different languages with different capabilities. And to understand, which language is easier to understand, you need to learn at least the basics of both. For reviews, RuLang interesting in its own way;
  • change of tables without additional registration with the conservation of alerts and windows of components is possible. The toolbar can be hidden, and if you change desktop it does not change;
  • the platform allows to opene positions and orders;
  • managing orders and concluding transactions is possible directly from the chart tools;
  • publication of news involves the choice of several languages (the tool “news”);
  • window components that can be unpinned. This opportunity will be appreciated by those who work with multiple monitors;
  • editor for working with code indicators has several convenient features: color highlighting of words, context clues, syntax, detailed tips on errors when you compile the indicator;
  • available testing of trading strategies on any historical data;

in addition to the standard chart display candlesticks or bars have non-standard variations, Kagi, Renko, PNF.

Rumus tools

Most of the functionality relates to indicators, charts, drawing lines, etc. for Example:

  • a set of graphical tools in addition to classic lines, channels, and geometric shapes, includes a grid and a Fibonacci fan, Andrews pitchfork, etc. tools in the graphical analysis used by traders with experience because new traders of such instruments are not even aware of;
  • here are templates indicators applied to the charts;
  • testing of tactics is possible in manual mode — optional drawing indicators line to the center of the rightmost candle of the graph.

Graphs allow you to combine multiple instruments and time intervals on the same field. Multiplatform Rumus is another one of the advantages of the terminal. First, the platform is adapted to different operating systems, and secondly, having knowledge in C++ or Pascal API to create your own modules can be mounted to the platform (broker support will tell more about this).

The rest of the functionality is similar to MT4. The building of tick charts, getting online quotes, settings, plot axes, modify the time intervals chart (minute intervals, hourly, daily, month, year) — this can hardly surprise a professional trader, but without this functionality Rumus could not be attributed to the category of difficult, but universal platforms.

Summary. The Rumus platform was created with the practices of interbank trading. If MT4 can be called a classic universal terminal, with which you can work in the futures markets, even with binary options, with Rumus — is a terminal, sharpened by the rapid market Forex tactics. A wide range of tools, programmable base, opportunities for in-depth analysis of the market — all this is done in order for a trader to deeply master the OTC market. Will everyone like Rumus? The question is rhetorical. This is another version of trade terminal with the advantages that you want to install and learn.

Rumus — trading platform for all Forex Club traders!

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  • Paul 02.02.2018 at 05:14

    I had been trying to download Rumus ( R- Typical 1.8.4) or the latest version. My pc crashes few days ago and I had search for Rumus platform after it fail to recover from the crash.
    Please, I need your help and the link to download Rumus.
    Thank you,