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Many brokers prefer the classic, familiar platforms to brokers like different versions of MetaTrader. Some brokers take a ready base product from the developer and add the scripts and add-ins that modify the terminal at discretion. But there are brokers that try to offer customers something unique and perfectly adapted to the own possibilities. Broker Forex Club is one of them. In addition to the standard Metatrader 4 at Forex club has its own development and trading platform Libertex.

Libertex — the combined solution for trading and investment

Libertex — is a trading and investment platform that also allows you to invest in managers. Platform developers tried to add all the strong sides of MetaTrader 4 in the platform and at the same time to simplify it.

The first feature of the platform is the lack of leverage, lot and spread in the usual concept. Instead of leverage (although below we will keep the usual terminology) introduces the mechanism of the multiplier, which applies only to the amount invested. In other words, when you deposit $ 100 and investing $ 20 multiplier multiplies the investment several times (see terms below), but the risk the trader is responsible only to the extent of $ 20. Is such a kind of stop-loss has advantage? The question is rhetorical, but the fee is very nice — such a low % is difficult to find anywhere else.

Libertex multiplicator

The advantages of working on Libertex platform:

  • intuitive terminal, but with the slant at a professional trading;
  • no hidden fees;
  • availability of a mobile version of the terminal, however, with several other trading conditions (for example, the leverage reduced to 1:200);
  • a full timetable, which can fold into a compact window to work with the main functionality of the platform;
  • in addition to the classic set of the simplest tools there are also templates for identification of various technical figures. Built-in algorithms of technical analysis and valuation of the asset allow to give rather accurate entry signals in the market.

Registration is instant — access to the platform directly from account. This is partly a limitation to work with add-ons (you may forget about robots and scripts), but that’s a personal preference of each. Browser-based platforms (to which Libertex belongs) although somewhat limited in professional features, but have fast reaction speed.

 ForexClub trading conditions for Libertex platform:

  • execution type is Market Execution. By reviews of the traders, the work of terminal on scalping strategies is faster than MetaTrader;
  • execution of pending orders is based on the principle of movement in the Quotes Flow at the time the prices indicated in the order. The warrant is to be executed at first available price after it will be moved to the execution queue;
  • commission — from03%;
  • minimum trade size for currency pairs — $ 10;
  • leverage (multiplier) up to 1:500;
  • available tools — more than 40 currency pairs, CFD, gold and silver, stocks, Bitcoin, Litecoin;
  • positions in the stock and CFD markets are closed forcibly at the current price of achieving loss 80%;
  • swap is held after 21.00 GMT, the commission set by the tariffs.

All the conditions and nuances of using the platform you can know in the moment of opening a trading account. On the page of ForexClub press the “Start trading now” — “Open trading account” and at the bottom of the questionnaire click on the link “Contract”. We strongly recommend you to read all terms and conditions which may change!

trading conditions of forex club

Another feature of Libertex — the ability to connect investment-ready ideas. It is possible to become a trader in the trade which others will be willing to invest, but also the passive investing — also extra income. This is an analogue of PAMM-accounts, risks and analysis of governors also mandatory (no one can guarantee the income of the managers), but the fact of this possibility is another way of earning of the trader. The developers have provided the designer of portfolios to help the traders – a basis for the formation of the investment portfolio for a specific strategy.

The disadvantage is the lack of social trading.

Summary. In contrast to MetaTrader 4, Libertex is not overloaded with tools (or rather, tools which can confuse the trader without experience). But its focus – is a technical tool for a quick professional strategies to getting high income at the expense of skill. “Rarely, but neatly” or “Golden middle” — so you can describe the tactics of those who work with Libertex. Try trading on a demo account with this platform and be sure to leave your feedback about it on our website!

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