MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition

MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition

MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition is a new plugin for MT4 from MTrading broker and its partners. Now beloved and familiar Metatrader 4 platform became more functional, advanced and professional. The developers have tried to take into account all the wishes of traders and were able to present the product, taking into account not only the requirements of the most demanding customers, but also the specifics of MTrading and its partners. The synergistic effect of the combination of the possibilities of  innovative broker and the functionality of the MT4 Supreme Edition gives the traders a unique result!

MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition — now MT4 just got better!

Each broker tries to bring something different and special to the classic trading tools. MT4 can be attributed to the most popular trading platforms and broker MTrading with its partners made an attempt to further improve the professional terminal. And it came out very well! In the fall of 2016 MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition was presented as an improved version of MT4. This plugin extends the capabilities of the terminal, simplifying placing orders, market analysis, testing and planning trade setting up signals (alerts) etc.

 MТ4 Supreme Edition platform

The functionality of the MT4 Supreme Edition:

  1. Mini Terminal:
  • function of stop-loss, take-profit, trailing stop. Setting of the trailing is simplified and adapted to the specific broker;
  • added a derivative stops, based on the time;
  • built-in calculator to calculate margin and lot size;
  • added templates for types of orders, OCO (“One cancels other”) and OCA (“One cancels all”);
  • the hedging is not only permitted, but upgraded to reverse of a position in one click.

The purpose of the Mini Terminal – trading in just one click, in combination with professional tools of the platform. Trade must be accurate and fast at the same time.

  1. Trading terminal:
  • available multi-currency mode of testing and trade (something that was lacking for many traders!);
  • partial cancellation of multiple orders;
  • simplified creation of templates;
  • added the function of multi-monitoring, reducing time in the evaluation of the current situation.

The terminal combines the functions of a Mini Terminal, classic MT4 and new features designed specifically for customers of MTrading. It allows you to group orders, manage them simultaneously from a single pane of tools to create algorithms closing the orders in accordance with the specific market situation.

  1. The correlation matrix. Allows to perform correlation between different currency pairs and metals. Recommended for the formation of investment portfolio.
  2. Tick Chart Trader. Application for quick and comfortable tracking of price changes on the chart. The trade can be performed directly from the Tick chart and the tick quotes data can be exported to Excel.
  3. Innovative indicator solutions. The basis for the improvement of the MT4 Supreme Edition. The add-in allows you to track the history of orders, signals to open positions, allows you to raise the effectiveness and efficiency of group charts, history, orders, levels, Pivot, etc.
  4. Simulator for testing strategies and automated trading systems. New tool for manual testing based on historical chart data with the possibility of subsequent analysis of test results. Available calculator of lot size, smart lines, functions of Mini Terminal.
  5. Mini Chart. The tool simultaneously displays multiple types of graphical analysis and charts, previously inaccessible time frames from a few seconds up to 3 minutes. There are new graphics tools Kagi, Point-and-Figure, Range.

On the broker’s website there is a detailed description of principles of work with new features of  Supreme Edition. At MTrading you will find not only a list of improvements, but visual examples of how to use them, including video materials. The site also lists the most frequently asked questions about the functionality and principles of work with the updated platform.

Testing of all functions of the renewed terminal is available for free for 30 days. The platform can be tested in demo version and on a real account.

Summary. MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition — a unique development for Forex market, which no other broker has. MT4 is considered as a perfect one for many people, so only few developers work on its improvements, but MTrading had managed to create a really good professional product. And it’s not just small improvements, Supreme Edition is new features and tools, this new trading mechanism on the basis of the old MT4, is another step towards simple, fast and comfortable trading. Test the platform for free on a demo account and we are sure that you will hardly want to go back to the classic MT4.

MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition — a new age of new technologies!

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