Trading Station

Trading Station

Trading Station — a product of the American FXCM, working mainly for American and European markets since 1999. This broker is more known to those who work with US exchanges, since the Russian market is not interesting. The stock broker has long been listed on the NYSE, the activity is controlled by regulators of USA, UK, Canada and Hong Kong. Trading terminal of Trading Station (with all its modifications) is used by more than 100 thousand of traders in over 150 countries.

Trading Station — professional trade in the stock markets of USA and Europe

Trading Station – platform for those who dare to conquer foreign markets. Its functionality is designed for the specifics of trading on major exchanges, where the execution speed of applications, usability and interface something different, unique, simplifying the process of making trading decisions.

Features of Trading Station platform:

  • quotes are provided in real time directly from the market, without the intermediation of dealers;
  • possibility to control LAMM and PAMM. PAMM — module percentage distribution, LAMM — module distribution of the lots (in the platforms for the Russian stock market this module is almost never provided);
  • access to the electronic versions of the analysis of macroeconomics and statistics provided by the SEB group. However, the partnership may be changed in the future, but the essence remains the same — platform in online mode online allows you to be aware of the world dimension. Focus: analytics of foreign markets through the eyes of foreign analysts. This is often much more useful than analytics of Russian brokers;
  • the information is exported in accordance with DDE in real time mode.

If talking about functionality, it of course repeats many of the existing platforms. For example, open positions in one click, setting a trailing stop order, the opening of a position within the spread, tracking the margin of a rollover. Trading Station allows hedging, but not the fact that it will allow your broker — this question should be asked in advance.

Technical requirements to the platform are relatively high. Given that the Trading Station was produced in several versions (e.g. the version of Trading Station II), the terminal has been improved. Minimum requirements — operating system Windows 2000 with all related applications.

Trading Station trading platform

The platform provides access to 29 currency pairs, although the specifics of the trade are futures and CFDs. Viewing of currency pairs are available in panel and table mode in the same window, you can simultaneously open a buy position or sell, analyze the maximum and minimum price pairs for the day.

Feedback in the Internet are mixed, but the reason for this – the habit of our traders to simple and clear platforms whose developers rely on interface rather than on advanced functionality. Claim to the platform can be formulated as follows:

  • there are limitations when using mobile apps. For example, the smartphone application is only useful for input applications;
  • during high volatility orders do not always work (although the developer has stated that there is no slippage);
  • there are errors when loading the information from open positions, so the trader does not have time gradually to move stop-loss to protect profit earned on the volatility.

However, claims can be presented to any platform, therefore we recommend you to pay attention to them, but also to check the work on your own experience on demo account.

We should say about working with charts. Trading Station would be too overloaded and cumbersome, if it combined all possible tools. So the bulk of the functionality has been moved into a separate application, Marketscope. This app allows you to make trades right from the chart. On the chart you can apply indicators, additional items, see open positions, etc. the Combination of platforms and applications gives a good synergistic effect.


Trading Station is a platform that is suited more to professionals who work with foreign markets, for the Russian market there is much more simple practical terminals. But for the US market the functionality of the Trading Station will be just right! No wonder that the platform has existed for over 10 years and was twice recognized as the best. Yes, it will take a lot of time, because it is difficult (similar like the terminal we told before — QUIK), but dynamic market in which treated hundreds of tools, requires just such a program. And speaking of technical support, with the same broker FXCM (developer platform) it is in both English and Russian languages. And judging by the reviews, is rather good. Therefore go ahead, good luck to you in conquering foreign markets!

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