QUIK – trading platform for Forex, stock and derivative markets, which appeared more than 10 years ago, and since then it is constantly updating. Platform developed by Novosibirsk company for the development of the exchange software of ARQA. Platform developers definitely driven by certain goal — to create a powerful tool that in the hands of a professional will be able to realize any of its ideas. Because the product was bulky and over-saturated, but it performs its task. QUIK provides direct access to world exchanges — MICEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, NYMEX. Arsenal of the platform has dozens of technical indicators. The functionality of the platform allows you to place on graph up to 40 indicators!

QUIK — heavy artillery for the professional trader

The functionality of the QUIK is familiar to those who have worked with MT 4. The platform allows real-time charts of prices and indexes, to overlay technical analysis tools to control the visualization. Displaying the price information shows the best rates, the list of open and closed deals throughout the day, the glass of current applications etc. You can export data to external systems of technical analysis, for example, MetaStock.

The advantages of the QUIK platform:

  • the terminal is reliable, the profit comes with maximum precision,
  • not demanding on the Internet channel;
  • instant execution of orders due to optimized data transfer protocol;
  • possibility to control multiple accounts simultaneously;
  • unique secure data transmission;
  • unique secure data transmission;
  • the “transaction Pocket” (the ability to put targeted, limited stop orders);
  • built-in “options Board” simplifies the work with urgent tools and saves time;
  • QUIK displays any number of ticks — a unique feature that helps to trade on a short timeframe.

From the other terminals QUIK differs by rich functionality to operate the applications: input, removal, and conditional application of 6 types, import transactions from other programs, etc. By analogy with the family of the MetaTrader QUIK has its own built-in language QPILE designed for programming the tables of calculated values and creates your own trading strategies.

And another advantage of this platform is its support for international brokers. This simplifies communication between trading and provides the fastest data transfer.

The platform is compatible with almost all operating systems and has a version for smartphones with any firmware. It has high sysyem requirements for PC — to realize the full functionality of QUIK, you need a lot of RAM and high frequency. The system has a lot of windows, graphs, tables and settings, which are processed at the same time.

QUIK trading platform

And yet, do not expect anything supernatural from this trading platform, although the terminal is really interesting. Like any software QUIK has its drawbacks:

  • it is impossible to open simultaneously two positions in both sides (hedging positions) as MT 4 allows;
  • the interface is not universal. Judging by the reviews, it is too complicated. It is difficult for the beginners;
  • many of the operations must be done through a series of built-in menus in a few extra clicks;
  • not the best platform for automated trading, due to the limited possibilities of API setting.

Feedback is mixed. Most traders complain about the complexity of perception of the presented information, although it is noted that the information is displayed instantly and in large volumes. In other words, QUIK is a sophisticated software module that is fraught with huge opportunities, but most traders are wary of such terminals may be simply too lazy to understand them. QUIK is hardly suitable for Forex trading and especially for trading in domestic stock market (a reason to shoot from a gun on sparrows?). But in the conquest of the stock and derivatives markets in Europe and the United States QUIK is definitely on a level above the classic MetaTrader 4.


Interesting non-standard trading platform, which requires patience. Its features are not apparent immediately, on the contrary, initially, the terminal seems absolutely strange and uncomfortable, because beginners quickly give up and move on to other more intuitive terminals. And only the most patient and professional traders are able to “reveal the soul” of QUIK. Our recommendation: do not rush to give up if something seemed unclear! Get familiar with the functionality on a demo account, define for yourself the most comfortable trade regime and plunge into opening up your opportunities with the QUIK terminal!

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