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советник Calypso

There is a lot of information on the Internet about this robot. Someone says that the minimum Deposit is $ 1,000, others that it is $ 100, and some consider the Calypso adviser the best program of 2014 (by which version is a rhetorical question. About the methods of setting the ratings read here. ). But the fact that there is a lot of information about it, speaks about its popularity.

Meanwhile, the robot shows very controversial results. No, the benefits of it are undeniable (below), otherwise I would not wrote about it, but the EA requires the utmost care and experience, only some settings can be confusing so that the deposit will be “merged” instantly.

Calypso advisor — multicurrency trading for professionals

Calypso called a unique robot that is able to adapt to any changes in the foreign exchange market (at least this reduces the need for constant control over it). Using the settings of the program can be adapted to any(!!!) currency pair. Robot is trading on liquid pairs (volatile markets) and a quiet market. Moreover, it may take several days before the EA Calypso will find a good point to enter the market.

The basic conditions and the results of the test:

  • recommended size of the Deposit — $ 1,000;
  • timeframe — Н1;
  • the yield on the results of the test — 74% for 6 months;
  • drawdown — 52%.

Such a high drawdown is due to the fact that the robot has the elements of martingale. And the danger is that the decision to use stop-loss takes the trader, exposing the option in the settings. And of course I recommend to put it, otherwise the losses may be even greater, but the size of the stop define yourselves. Although the developers of the EA say that the full drawdown with the adviser Calypso is impossible due to the unique trading algorithms and risk system is conservative, the fact of the drawdown is 50% is alarming.

Calypso advisor

Calypso adviser settings:

  • Target — the overall goal of taking the profit placed for all currency pairs (that is, it can be adjusted for trade);
  • Lots — minimum lot size;
  • sm_mode — mode of enabling stop-loss. Despite recommendations to include stop-loss, the developers recommend to avoid stops, since their presence greatly changes the operating principle of this EA;
  • cx_mode — hedging. Disabled hedging occurs only for a given currency pair, when enabled by group policies (the parameter below);
  • Strateg= —group of strategies (0-4). “0” — the specific currency pair, “1-4”, a group of currencies, which number grows with the parameter (1 — 3 currency pairs, 4 — 15 currency pairs).

Summary. It is unlikely that you will find a shopping program, which will have by far the only positive reviews, and the adviser Calypso is no exception. The main claim made by traders is the huge drawdown. However, this expert Advisor has a minimum of 4 versions, and you will need to sort out the settings. Dynamic lot is better to leave unchanged, put a protective level of the deposit, to choose wisely step in to understand the principles of the program and optimize it. Believe me, you will have to mess around. Incidentally, the above backtest is the result of the basic settings, but not the fact that you will be able to repeat them. Advisor Calypso — good robot, but only in professional hands.

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