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The first thing that catches your eyes when installing the trading platform xStation, its updated attractive design. Dark background, vibrant colors — all made for maximum convenience, from the point of view of perception of colors: the most important catches the eye in a split second — the quote of the price movement etc.

xStation — innovative modern terminal for trading in Forex. The developer took into account the wishes of traders from all over the world and made significant changes that distinguish the platform from the classic MetaTrader 4-th and 5-th version. In the timekeeping mode, xStation allows you to conduct operations with various instruments, starting from currency and stock indices, shares and options.

successful trading

Public interface xStation: left “glass” with the quotes at the bottom of the display of the acquired asset and profit (loss) in the center — the price chart

The possibilities of xStation trading terminal

The developer of the trading platform is famous among traders x Open Hub company, which is licensed by British regulator FCA.

One of the possibilities for trade — transactions with assets in commodity, stock or currency markets, by analogy with the strategies of traders. Moreover, the site offers two options for copying strategies:

  • selection of chat leaders yield and repetition of their principles for trade with similar assets;
  • selection of the least successful traders and giving a completely opposite orders on the same asset.

List of traders can be seen in the add-in of the platform xSocial (left vertical menu). This trading option for those who have not yet figured out in existing strategies — it is enough to repeat the actions of more experienced investors and learn to slowly develop something of your own.

Possibilities of trading terminal

xSocial add-in with traders and strategies

And about other features of xStation terminal:

  • basic assets are more than 700 tools, ranging from multiple currency pairs and precious metals to securities, oil etc.;
  • economic calendar built into the xStation, tells the investor about important economic news, which is a significant fundamental factor;
  • online chat allows real time conversation with traders, discussing the news. Language of communication is English;
  • execution can be performed with the Click&Trade, and directly through trade on the price schedule;
  • benchmarking can be applied to one chart, the price movement of different currency pairs.

Try to open a demo account with xStation terminal and you will quickly see the ergonomic design that allows you to control everything in trading processes, information, and offer popular tools, indicators, oscillators technical analysis is able to surprise even the professional. Tools displayed in the left menu of the window “Graphics”.
Display of a tool

The display of “Elliott Wave” tool

Independent trade on xStation

The investor is offered the choice of opening two types of accounts for self-trading:

  • xStation Direct — the essence of the account in the instant orders execution floating spread from 1.3 points;
  • xStation ECN — the essence of the account in market execution of orders according to the principle of market depth, the spread is floating from 0 points.

An important advantage of the platform is its impeccable performance: from the first minutes of trade the trader can be sure that the terminal works fast, no slowdowns, and this is an important factor in operational decision making.

To install the classical orders Stop Loss and Take Profit after you have opened a deal, enough to pull the mouse in the right place on the chart price trend and confirm its movement. This handy feature of xStation distinguishes the terminal from other platforms, where the values of orders you need to enter with numbers manually.

Like other platforms, xStation works well with advisers which need to be loaded by yourself.

  • Important: advisors written using the MQL language can not be installed on the terminal. You need to find the software in add-in xStore (store indicators and advisers from xStation) or your broker. Part of the software in store is free!

Registration in the xStation platform is simple: open a demo account on the broker’s website and download the program. Some brokers allow you to work in the terminal directly from the browser without installing the software on a stationary computer.

We sincerely believe that in xStation trading platform, everyone will find something of their own, because this terminal is interesting and unique at the same time. It is cool, simple and exotic. Just try it and it is quite possible that you will decide to remain in the stock markets with xStation forever.

Good luck and good profits!

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