Stroke Kick: a neural network based on a medical technique

Medicine is probably one of the most significant areas where practical AI assistance is essential. Look what a useful thing Russian developers have created. We are talking about an AI algorithm that will help recognise the symptoms of a stroke. It can be built into a smartphone, and in the event of an ailment, anyone can check themselves for signs of stroke.

Stroke is a very insidious thing: it is important not to miss the moment and in time to notice the insidious signs of UDAR. The abbreviation UDAR stands for Smile, Movement, Articulation and Decision.

The first three letters indicate indicators of paralysis, and the last three letters indicate actions to be taken. The software asks the person to smile broadly; raise and hold their hands in front of them; and say their first and last name.

But most importantly, the AI will be able to send an alert to loved ones if bad signs appear.

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