How to choose the right high yield investment HYIP

высокодоходный хайп

HYIP is a financial pyramid, which the creator promises the investor’s profit from 10 to 80% per month. The very understanding of the fact that HYIP is not so much an investment project than the pyramid, which will crash with a probability of 100%, deters almost all investors. However, there are those who see in HYIPs not only the opportunity to earn, but to enjoy the risk and excitement.

The risk of investing in HYIPs is huge: there is no guarantee that the creator of the project in general will pay something, it is not clear at what point the HYIP declare bankruptcy (although a general indication of the imminent onset of a Scam easy to notice), but the profits for the risk is also very high. In this market there is no regulators and no way to bring the organizers to justice. The investor chooses profitable HYIP (they appear 10-15  daily), evaluates the risks and monitors the performance of the project.

The principle of the selection of profitable HYIP project

Noone can predict the behavior of the HYIP project, because this tool is considered the most high-risk among all the investment instruments. Because the main task of the investor is to select relatively reliable project without any signs of fraud with optimum profit.

Step-by-step analysis of the high yield HYIP:

  1. Check the signs of a long term project:

  • interest. Promised returns of more than 50% in a day is a project that will live 1-4 weeks at best. Yes, and even attracting new customers to provide a profit the project can be very long, because it is likely that the organizer will close the website after collecting a certain amount. Regarding the actual yield of 5-15% per month;

  • payments for the affiliate program. Normal referral commission amount are about 5-15%. If the HYIP offers a highly profitable 20% or more, the quick start project as quickly turn into the finish;

  • deposits of investors must be kept in the accounts of intermediaries or other investors. This scheme works not for the first year and well protected from the likelihood of theft of money by the organizer of the project;

  • HYIP should include immediate withdrawal of interest-only, the main contribution appears only through a fixed time — protection against simultaneous withdrawal in the case of investor panic.

Age of the investment project does not matter, because the old project may already be on the decline, new — poorly promoted.

  1. Good and clear website — a sign of a reliable project:

  • informative. On the website it should be all clear, from the nature of the project and proposals to information about the input and output of money. News, answers to questions, support, yield calculator — a sign that the organizers approached the project;

  • design. It creates the first impression about the project.

how to select HYIP project

  1. Reviews online:

  • forums, blogs, special websites to check HYIP (enough to enter on this website home page address to learn paying project or not) will tell you about how the project is reliable;

  • check the number of reviews. On the one hand, they can be made artificially, on the other, the real reviews is simple to distinguish from real ones. And forums in this case have priority over blogging.

  1. The analysis of site traffic

  • on the Internet there are free services that assess how many people comes every day to the page of the project website. If attendance has a negative trend, the project will soon close;
  • In Yandex.Wordstat enter the keyword of the project (e.g., its name) and see how it has changed the dynamics of the query.

Social networks can say much of the project, for example, the number of subscribers, testimonials, etc., Ambitious projects carry out various informational webinars, live meetings, etc. where you can get acquainted with someone of the organizers of the project. However, there is no guarantee that high yield HYIP will not be closed in just a month.

Summary. Working high yield HYIPs are associated with completely different fields of activity: Forex trading, insurance, companies providing information services, cryptocurrency, rent. However, it is only their very convincing legend, to deny that is not always easy, but sometimes we want to believe it. Alas, when a company says that a sublease of the Chinese market is 10-16% per month, it’s hard to believe. But as HYIPs do not cover the legends, they still bring the profit,. Not to everyone, and not for so long, this is the professionalism of the investor to find a profitable HYIP and to be able to come out from it.

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