VPS: what the beginner should know and how to make the right choice

VPS сервера торговли

We dedicated a whole section to expert advisors, but missed one small detail: we often talk about that EA needs testing not less than 6 and even 12 months, but do not add that during testing, the computer must be turned on 24 hours a day. For 6 months never to break the connection almost impossible, and therefore a service appeared — VPS trade server.

VPS trade server will also be beneficial to those who work with the strategy of trailing stop. Its disadvantage is that if you lose the connection with the broker, the trailing stop is disabled, resulting in loss of the deposit. VPS allows traders to stay connected around the clock.

VPS  trade servers

VPS trade server is a hosting, which provides constant active work of terminal online. VPS — virtual private server, VDS virtual dedicated server. In fact it is the same with one difference — the allocation of a separate space (VMS) on a single computer-server or a dedicated server (which is many times more expensive).

Their advantages:

  • eliminates the dependence on the quality and speed of the Internet connection;
  • no need to constantly monitor the program to keep the computer running and constantly be near it;
  • uninterrupted power supply with backup battery packs and generators in case of unforeseen problems;
  • quick access to your trading account from anywhere in the world (a great service for those who  travel during the holidays);
  • ability to conduct simultaneous trade with the host computer and remote terminal (operations can go hand in hand).

In other words, VPS trade server are the remote servers that are constantly connected to the Internet and with which you can work with any computer (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) wherever you are.

There are two ways to use this service: to choose a reliable VPS server independently and to sign a contract or take advantage of the offer of the broker (however, this service is provided not by each one). The advantage of the first option — you choose exactly what you need, agreeing to the second option, you get access to the server for free.

remote Forex server

A common example of the conditions of access to VPS servers for trade:

  • free access to the account if you have a fixed amount of money without regard to active bonuses. In other words, the broker asks the trader to leave a certain amount of cash on account (usually 100-300 dollars);

  • to use the server the trader should hold on a trading account for a minimum of 3 standard lots within a month, that is, to show that trade is conducted;

  • in case of failure of the first two conditions, the service is deactivated. The service is available only for accounts opened with the broker. The software is provided, but only with the right uploading other software on the part of the trader.

Not to say that the conditions are too hard, but the minimum balance on the account may seem too high to some traders. Also often the VPS trade servers are needed to test demo accounts testing robots or strategies and are not yet ready to enter the real trade. For such traders there is the opportunity to choose remote hosting.

The rules of choosing a VPS server for trade:

  • capacity of the processor. The cheaper the server, the weaker its power, that is, the speed of information processing. The recommended capacity is 1 GHz;

  • RAM. Recommended at least 1 GB;

  • disk space (recommended 20 GB);

  • the number of connected terminals in the tariff. For example, for dollar and cent accounts need 2 terminals to work with different brokers — more than 5;

  • price. The most inexpensive server asking for providing 7-10 dollars in a month (for terminal 1-2, 5 GB free space, 256 MB RAM), best are servers with a monthly payment of 25-50 dollars.

In cheap proposals there is a small catch — the need to pay for 3 months in advance. The good thing is about a trial period 5 days (free), no reboots of the server, the possibility to trade with any broker. Please note that there are VPS trade servers, specially designed for Forex!

Summary. VPS trade servers  — the trader’s safety net in case of problems with Internet connection or for comfort on the road. The obvious disadvantage of this service is that the trader does not take trading course of participation in the time of lack of Internet. An experienced trader will hardly leave his positions unattended. Also the part of advisers allow manual opening and closing of orders. But for robot testing or in case of unexpected events, the service is definitely useful!

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