Investing in the stock markets and indices is one of the most profitable and least risky strategies. It is enough to see the trend of the S&P 500, NASDAQ, MICEX over the last 3-5 years, to ensure that the indices have a clear upward trend in the long term. Investments in securities can bring from 10-15% annually with the right analysis, not counting earnings on dividends. Analysts of investment exchange portal prepare an overview of the stock markets of EU, USA, Russia for you both in the context of the consolidated and sector indices and in the level of individual companies. Read, ask questions and earn money with!

How to make money by investing in stock markets and indices

Stocks and bonds have important advantage over Forex: their value depends not only on speculative capital, but also on the development of the company (financial reporting, product demand, etc.). If the industry is perspective, the government supports the demand for the product, the product is export oriented, and tends to increased demand, the stock will rise. Bubbles in stock markets are possible, but they’re the exception.

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What affects the stock markets:

  • financial statements of the company and the investors expectations. If financial statements are published with profit less than expected, the stock is falling;
  • internal management and corporate culture within the company. If there are disagreements between the shareholders, the growth of quotations of shares is reserved;
  • fundamental news: IPO, SPO, development of new technologies, prospects of growth of demand for goods or services, the amount of dividends — all this affects the value of the shares;
  • general economic and political situation in the country. During the crisis of 2008, global demand fell almost for everything, so all stock markets and indexes felt.

How to make money in the stock markets and indexes to a private investor:

  • open an individual investment account (to compensate the 13% tax) from any broker from the list of the Moscow exchange. To open an account in the depository with the signing of a contract with a broker;
  • buy shares of ETF Fund on MB of investing in securities (e.g., U.S. stock market) or indices of U.S., EU, Russia;
  • invest in mutual funds, invest money in the sectoral indices;
  • to open an account with a Forex broker and open positions in accordance with the direction of the price trend of the securities;
  • to invest in a manager that has a diversified portfolio of securities. MB broker may act as a the manager.

A conservative investment strategy — investing in indexes, reasonable strategy – buying bonds, more risky — buying shares.

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