MT 4 slows down, what should we do?

тормозит метатрейдер

Began to notice that the MetaTrader 4 started to work slower? The applications are processed slower, menu freezes, the program started to respond slower to commands… a Classic situation that is corrected for literally 20-30 minutes and saves time (and most importantly — nerves!) of the trader. If Metatrader is slow, don’t rush to blame the broker or the Internet connection, the reason may be in the terminal.

How to make MetaTrader run faster

Testing of expert advisors, indicators, strategies leads MetaTrader cluttered with temporary files, which are stored in the same directory. This is the log entry from robots, saving back tests, recording currency rates, etc. due to the relative clutter of useless information slows MetaTrader, the search for the desired data slows down, the misalignment of schedules takes place, etc.

  • One of the signs that the problem is in the platform — an increase of the disk volume occupied by the platform. For example, empty, just installed program takes up to 35-50 MB, indicators and expert advisors are also small, so three digit volume of folders suggests that it is time to remove anything.

Crucial way — the reinstallation of the terminal, i.e. uninstalling via “control Panel” involved with the program. Important: first you need to install the new terminal (in theory they should not conflict), then transfer trading account and charts, and then delete the old version.

The second method is manual. If MetaTrader is slow, then you only need to clean some folders. Find where you installed the program (default:Program Files) and clean the following folders:

  • logs — logs of MetaTrader 4, where the information is recorded daily;
  • history — price history;
  • mailbox;
  • testerhistory — the recorded operations of the tester;
  • testerlogs — the logs of the testers;
  • expertlogs — logs of the work of experts;
  • deleted — the history of graphs that were opened and then deleted.

The advantage of this method is that previously the deleted files can be saved somewhere in case they suddenly could be needed or there is uncertainty about the appropriateness of removal. If you remove anything by mistake, you can always change it back. But, if Metatrader continues to slow down, so obviously not everything was removed. So the disadvantage of a method — it is not always effective.

And the third way — automatic. Download a special tool Clear.bat, please note that different versions of the utility are suitable under different versions of MetaTraderThen copy it to the root directory of the platform and start. In theory, the utility cleans the platform very well, but there are risks to “catch” something. After cleaning, you may need to install currency exchange rates for some currency pairs.

The frequency of this procedure depends on the frequency of operation with Metatrader — someone needs to clean the folder once a week, others once a month. In any case, Metatrader slows down, start fixing the problem with its cleaning. And then if nothing helps, reinstall the program and look for other causes.

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