How to reduce the load on MT4

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Continue to review the reasons why trade can be conducted not with the speed with which you would  like. Recall that if the problems on the broker’s side (how to determine the reasons is written here), then change broker. If the platform slows down, clean the platform. In the last article we told how to clean information in unnecessary folders in MetaTrader 4 platform — this helps to speed up the work. But if that does not help, then… Just read on and learn more!

MetaTrader platform: reduce the load on the terminal

One of the advantages of the terminal is that the platform

MetaTrader receives quotes on assets in real time. And the number of assets counts in the tens. The simultaneous receipt of information on all asset overloads the Internet connection. And why do you need all the quotes in case of trading just a few assets? By the way, if you are working with several platforms MetaTrader (for example, installed from different brokers), the load is even more. You can solve the problem installing a platform on a VPS server, but the rate of each server depends on the load (different percents). So why pay more?

  • Solution: in menu “View” — “market review” window click the right mouse button and select “Hide all symbols”. And, in order not to go to extremes, again right click, select “Characters” and specify the tools you need.

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The next step is the reduction of history. It is unlikely that you will need as much of the story that  MetaTrader keeps, and this requires extra memory and boots the terminal. Click “Tools” — “Settings”, enter the section “Charts” and reduce the maximum number of bars in history and the window. Recommend appropriate values of 20 000 and 5 000.

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The third step is switching off the news. Platform MetaTrader receives news in automatic mode. Do you need them? But if you are working with multiple platforms, you get the same news, overloading traffic? Make sense? Go to the tab “Server”, “Settings”, adjust graphics, and remove the check mark from “Enable news” and “Enable DDE server”. By the way, the second option is disabled by default, but you never know.

Metatrader work

After changing the settings restart the terminal. The above changes may not be visible if there is only one MT4 and trade is performed in manual mode. But if there are several platforms and they are loaded by expert advisors, the speed will increase. And the final touch — test CPU load caused by the platform. Open task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and check all the tabs to find out which processes use most of the memory.

Seems all. Still have questions, ask!

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