Futures contract – a derivative financial instrument trade which is carried out only on the stock exchanges to guarantee the integrity and transparency of the transaction. Is a contract for the supply of the underlying asset using fixed period of time at a price level which is agreed in the contract. Both parties bear full responsibility for the whole validity period of the futures contract. If at the end of the future value of the underlying asset is above the price stipulated in the contract, then the buyer wins the deal.

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Financial services Investlb.com – is your reliable assistant in trading futures on the exchange. Becoming a regular visitor to our website you will learn all the nuances of a futures exchange trading used strategies for a successful earnings and ways to minimize risks. With us you will be always aware of the news of the world economy and attractive offers from brokers with impeccable reputation. Also you can become an author of the articles, sharing your experience with other readers.

The basis for a futures contract is a specification indicating the type of contract, terms of delivery, base price, and the asset, the cost of the minimum step. As the underlying asset can be practically anything.:

  • currency;
  • assets of commodity markets (gold, oil, beef etc.);
  • stock indexes;
  • securities.

Along with financial portal Investlb.com you will learn:

  • how does futures trading on stock exchange work: on what parameters to select an underlying asset how to choose a strategy to minimize risks;
  • which brokers provide futures trading on American, Asian and European markets, learn more about their trading conditions and to choose a really reliable partner for long term cooperation;
  • what trading strategies are possible for use in the futures market. Through our site, you will learn about the functionality of various trading platforms and will be able to choose the most convenient terminal in accordance with your requirements and desires.

You want to reach the pinnacle of success in futures trading? Then futures trading on the stock exchange will become even easier, more profitable and more fun if you get acquainted with the following sections of the financial portal Investlb.com:

  • futures brokers. Here are the brokers that offer attractive trading conditions of futures on the exchange. To simplify the selection of a broker, we prepared a brief description of each company’s characteristics. We hope that with our help, you will find a reliable partner;
  • futures trading platforms. This section contains the main trading platforms offered at broker sites. We prepared the description of the functional and technical capabilities of each platform, focusing on the advantages of each platform both for professionals and for beginners;
  • futures trading strategies. After reviewing the information in this section, you will be one step closer to successful trading of futures on the exchange. Here are short-term and long-term tactics, using different tools of technical and fundamental analysis. The strategy published both by our analysts (basic tactics), and our readers (copyright tactics);
  • analytics. This is an informational support section, which publishes news relevant to a particular underlying asset;
  • regulators of financial markets. The section presents a list and detailed description (function) of key regulators of the world that monitor transparency and fairness of transactions;
  • traders. Here you can find the investment ideas, interviews with traders and other useful information related to futures trading .

For successful traders that trade in futures on the exchange – this is a professional job and hobby, we offer the opportunity to publish their own findings and ideas. By registering on our website (this will take 5-7 minutes) you can add articles as:

  • trader. Share interesting exclusive strategies of futures trading on the stock exchange and find out about the opinion of other readers of our portal;
  • analyst. Have an interesting investment idea or news? Tell about it to others;
  • broker. If you are a representative of a broker and want to offer services to our readers, this section is for you!

We hope that Investlb.com service of stock trading will be your best friend. We will be very pleased if you could share with us your progress and we will be happy if at least part of your success became possible thanks to our work.

Investlb.com – your reliable assistant in stock trading!



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