Forums and information resources as a means of manipulating the consciousness of the trader

форум форекс трейдеров

Continue to give examples of how certain companies can manipulate the mind of the trader. In previous articles I talked about common ways to manipulate and mislead the various ratings. In this article I will also continue to give examples of unfair competition, and will focus on the forum of Forex traders.

  • My goal is to show examples of how unfair fight is performed between the domestic brokers. I in no way advertise brokers or criticize resources that publish the rankings, but call to verify any received information online, both positive and negative. Alas, in the information war to understand for the private trader sometimes very difficult, and therefore distinguish, where the truth and where lies  only on your own experience.

Forum of Forex traders

Taking into account that there are not so many authoritative resource which can be trusted, it would be logical to find a good Forex forum for traders to discuss the pros and cons of any broker. By the way, objective ratings can not be in principle (although some do this and are positioning, but more on that below). Because in the process of discussion on the forums you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company based on personal beliefs. But here is also a problem.

Probably the biggest sneer erupted around Alpari. This is not surprising — the company in the leaders in the number of active clients, and it is an indicator. Moreover, the revitalization began in October 2016, the company accused of bankruptcy fraud, etc. Competitors can be offended customers and other dealing centers.

informational war in Forex

Please note that users with the appropriate registration (same day) actually talked to each other. The owners of the resource does not respond to correspondence, although the base could be. At least, most of these reviews were written by one person, and therefore is one and the same binding to the IP. Do the owners need this? For anyone who likes crime novels and wants to know details how the attack on the forums is performed, I recommend to read this article here:

  • Tip: use the anti-plagiarism. Person leaving a real review on the forum is a trader. I think he will be writing reviews on all the forums? Or copy them? And if to write in different forums different opinions the imagination is needed, but the competitors will do this easier: they copy the text. One and the same essence of the text may be published under different names. Advego and will tell you the reliability of the opinion.

And most interesting is that leaving these reviews, absolutely do not bother about the text. It’s better — it’s easier to track the negative. As example, here are two more screenshots:

Forex forums

binary options forums

The text is the same, the dates are different. Not only on the

Alpari converged light wedge. Below is another interesting example of how brokers work:

reviews about the brokers

And really, if someone wrote a negative review about the company, why not take a chance and not to advertise yourself? It seems to be a competitive move, but who knows who owns the first review.

It is easy to order negative reviews via the search engine. There are many suggestions: creating accounts, getting your posts — anything for the black competition. A few more will cost to remove the actual negative reviews, but this service exists. But there are more sophisticated ways:

reviews on Forex trading

Agree, great way to substitute A-Markets. Moreover, this is the long con. On the one hand, for dissemination on the forums of the company representatives can be banned. But what if the ads deliberately placed to discredit broker? The way out is to contact the broker directly to report such messages. And delete in case of no confirmation. But whether it is the owner of the site? The site, which is in the top of search engines — need, because that is its reputation. Here is one answer to the question of confidence. Worse, when the website specifically promoted, and then fed false information:

How forex brokers work

Fortunately, both companies no longer exist. About “Forex trend” is below, and yet another interesting screenshot:

forex brokers bankrupt

Frankly, a hatchet job: how can you not notice that the forum of Forex traders is almost empty, last post December 2015. And suddenly once two reviews after 3 months with a gap of 2 minutes. But will everyone notice such things? Hardly…

And now about the “Forex Trend”. Focus: it is only a statement of fact, and the conclusions you make for yourself. “Forex trend” went bankrupt 2 years ago, but suddenly all the traders under the wing took a new company — PrivateFx. Mass advertising on the Internet under the guise of investment company Concorde Capital was to reassure traders, but here’s the thing — the owners remained the same. Tell me, would you trust such a company? I wouldn’t. But the “Masterforex-v” would trust.

trading in Forex

The website “Masterforex-v” in the top search engines, and information about PrivateFx I suggest to look for you. And I think you will note that there are too many denials about the pyramid. The smoke without fire does not happen. Because we can only guess:

  • why on the popular resource there are so many different ratings;
  • what is PrivateFx among the leaders?;
  • how this Broker got into the leaders, given the number of lawsuits against the company;
  • why “Finam” and “InstaForex” recorded in the brokers with risk;
  • why VTB24 brought into the category of brokers where to open an account is impossible.

That’s all for now. I think you will make the right conclusions, and they are: “you can’t trust almost anyone”.

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