And again about cheating: interesting ways to take control of your money

мошенничество на форексе

About the methods of fraud in the Forex, stock market and binary options already written a lot, but I still pay attention to it. And we are not talking about how “arrogant brokers lure your money”, and about the same traders like you. And believe me, they also want to steal your money are not less than brokers do. Alas, that is the essence of people: why make money on market if you can make money on unsuspecting trader?

Fraud in Forex

It is enough to enter a search string in Google query “how to cheat on the purchase of Forex trading strategies” to get the brilliant answer of a search engine! The first three links somehow fit into the topic of the query, and the 4th is called “win-Win strategy of Forex” (also with video). Interesting, isn’t it?

fraud diring the purchase of strategies

  1. Joint purchasing of strategies

I do not give a 100% guarantee that this attempt to sell strategy is a fraud, but doubt still creeps into the soul. Fraud in the Forex market: there is a well promoted website, that is getting in the top search engine for certain queries. On its pages there is quite clear description of the strategy, but there are a couple of questions:

  • why the site has no reviews for these strategies?

  • Why “Put” and “Call” binary options strategies are well described, but there is no description of  “One Touch” and other more complex types of options? Can it be so, that no one trades with them, or there are no such strategies?

And here I get to an interesting page where we are proposed with a strategy for just $ 25. Thanks to this strategy, the author could earn 1,300 dollars for four days and now sells it under the terms of the joint purchase. In other words, the strategy will be sold when it will pay for 30 people. 1300$ for 4 days and only for 750 dollars for the strategy? Odd, isn’t it?

trap for trader

But more importantly, the strategy will only be sent by 23.12.2013, that is more than a year! However, immediately below it is written: “You will receive access to the most(!!!) profitable strategies immediately after payment”. Only I think that there are some contradictions? And some comments:

  • the text is written in the spirit of selling text: the right words are highlighted and written in capital letters, and that they do not particularly want to highlight — the fine print; a lot of words “most, best, profitable”;

  • in the end the author writes that he always wanted to do something for people — another move to attract customer;

  • there is no word about the statement and how much time this strategy was tested.

In a word, in front of you 99% of the classic fraud. Alas, if it was written that the strategy will be sold immediately, it would be no less a fraud in Forex. Conclusion: there is almost no sense to buy the strategy, consider the principle of operation of the indicators and develop your own trading strategy.

  1. Hedging in trust

Many successful Forex traders (what they want to show themselves) create their own blogs. Why, it was described here in this article. And one of the reasons — attract money of investors to trust management. Fraud in Forex is as follows:

  • the trader takes the control of the money from two investors;

  • the exchange opens two opposing positions on the asset (the ideal way of earning with binary options);

  • in any case, one position in profit, the other loss. Moreover, the size of profit and loss is virtually the same;

  • asset management agreement has a point: the risks of losses are borne by the customer (investor), the profit is divided between the trader and the customer in a certain proportion.

The trader in this scheme wins in any case, what can not be said about investors. To protect yourself from such schemes you should sell yourself. Or if you really trust the money to the trader, we ask for confirmation of the results of his profitable trading.

Fraud in Forex is not a rare situation. Be vigilant, and investment experts-exchange portal will continue to share with you useful information about stock trading.

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