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Gold: forecast of analysts

In 2000th gold has served as a means of accumulating long-term investment, but today it is a “protective haven” for investors. Currency, securities — these assets do not have the gold rarity. The limited resource allows the precious metal to remain the world’s monetary equivalent for several centuries. Gold and forecasts of analysts about the state of macroeconomics are correlated: in a moment of crisis, investors leave extremely profitable American currency and stock market, preferring gold.

What affects the dynamics of quotations of gold?

  • prospects for the currency and stock markets in the US and EU, investor sentiments;
  • long-term plans for own markets development. The crucial role plays the US, EU and China;
  • analytics for gold: global mining level, demand from investors and manufacturing, the development of new mines, political situation in the countries-exporters of gold

 How to make money on gold (forecasts of analysts)?

  • speculative investment. To invest at the time of rebound from the support level (long position) or resistance (short position). Follow the news: at the time of the strengthening of the US dollar gold goes down, any economic-political problems in the US and the EU are pushing gold up;
  • medium-term investment. To invest for 1-3 months at the time of radical changes in the U.S. or the EU for the worse. Dramatically the price of gold can influence China’s policies, which may rarely  bring surprises;
  • long-term investment. Only makes sense with a horizon of one year, as on the 10-year period, the gold is unprofitable.

How to make money on gold to a private investor?

  • make a stake with a binary options broker, which way goes the trend. If your prediction is correct you will earn up to 90% of the bet amount. To open an account you need $ 10 and 10 minutes to open an account. Recommend you to trade at the time of the news release: analysts will tell you how the gold will behave;
  • open an account with the Forex broker and earn on stock exchange fluctuations, opening long or short positions;
  • to invest in mutual Funds that invest in gold;
  • open an account with a broker on the Moscow exchange and to invest in securities of gold mining companies;
  • buy bank gold bars or gold bullion coins;
  • open a deposit in a bank denominated in gold;
  • to trade gold futures, after opening an account with US broker.

Please note: analytics on gold allows you to earn in correlated instruments. A direct correlation is observed between gold and silver, reverse — between gold and liquid currencies.

Gold and forecasts of analysts from investment exchange portal is a simple opportunity to earn from 10% per annum. Follow our publications and become a successful trader with!