You want to be aware of oil prices and be able to make money on this? In the section “Analysis of the oil market,” you will see everything you need to make the right trading decisions: analysis of relevant quotations, the reasons (technical and fundamental review), forecasts, the analysts of oil and more. We are closely watching what happens with the main asset of commodity markets and try to share information with you as soon as possible.


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Views of analysts in the oil market

Analytics of the oil market allows to answer the questions about the mood of investors and what is the aim of their interests at the moment. Oil prices are weakly governed by the laws of supply and demand, as the main component in them is speculative capital. Because oil, like gold, USD or the yen, is an indicator of the global economy.

What affects the dynamics of quotations of oil?

  • agreement between the countries-exporters of oil. The greatest influence on quotations has OPEC, in particular Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. Even the most insignificant statement from the representatives of these countries may move oil to both sides for 3-5%;
  • the weekly EIA report (USA) on the oil reserves in the repositories;
    the number of working drilling rigs in the US (shale oil mining);
  • political decisions in the long term (development of new mines, construction of oil storage tanks, etc.).

The analysts opinion on oil can also affect the quotes, but only slightly – a fundamental factor remains the leading one.

How to make money on oil prices?

  • speculative strategy: trade on news. Since the most important factor influencing oil prices is the news and analysts at the oil. It is enough to follow the publications of the United States, Saudi Arabia, OPEC (individual countries of the cartel) to open position in right direction. For example, the growth of oil production for the month or the growth of oil reserves in the United States, failure to comply with the terms of the agreement of OPEC lead to a decline in oil prices, the decline in the number of drilling rigs to higher prices;
  • medium-term strategy: buying oil futures. Horizon — 1-3 months;
  • long-term strategy: the purchase of securities of oil companies with the expectation of earning not only on the growth of oil prices, but also on the payment of dividends.

Please note: analytics of oil market can help to capitalize on correlated assets. For example, if the price of oil increases, the Russian ruble is strenghtening at the same time.

How to make money on oil to a private investor?

  • Open trading account with binary options broker  and at the time of the news release to bet on where would the price be after the expiration of the option (short-term trading);
  • Open account with Forex broker, make a deposit and open a short (long) position in a CFD of oil;
  • open an account with a broker of the Moscow exchange and add securities of oil companies in Russia to the investment portfolio. We recommend you to open an individual investment account, using the e-store securities, without leaving home;
  • to invest in the trust mutual fund;
  • to open an account with a US broker to buy (sell) oil futures on the American market.

Sure, our analytics of the oil market will help you to make the right decision. Stay with information and exchange portal and earn together with us!