Woc modify 04 Expert Advisor

Woc modify 04

A-Markets broker is one of the few brokers on the site where you can find more than 2 dozen of free expert advisors. Another feature of the site that all submitted expert advisors have passed the 6-month testing, and have certain rates of return with the number of drawdown. To test the accuracy of the information is not so simple, since the robots in different situations are able to show completely different results, but still presented back-test gives some confidence in the veracity of the software.

Woc modify 04 — one of the best “quiet” advisors

In the analysis of profitability of the trading advisors A-Markets may have a reasonable question: why do some advisers have the yields of more than 300% and others 50% and below (and it is for 6 months of testing!). Reformulate the question: why should I download the EA with a yield of 30% if you can earn 800%! Yes, you can earn. But you can lose your entire deposit (especially if a system of risk management is built in a wrong way). Because those who think that by downloading profitable EA they will immediately start to earn more than 500% per year, I will explain:

  • There are no superprofits anywhere. If, for example, Mr Martingale shows in 6 months a profit of 969%, and the amount of drawdown on 30%, while the norm is 5-10%. The more profit, the greater the risk;
  • 6 months testing is still too little range, there is no guarantee that the robot will not “drain” all your deposit in a year;
  • There are no universal robots. Each program works well only in certain moments of the trading. And the EA, which shows a 900% profit, maybe literally got it for 2-3 trades after news and the rest of the time is that not getting a loss.

“Keep it coming” is a universal proverb applicable to the trading advisors. For example, Woc modify 04 — simple inconspicuous robot that can bring about 28% in 6 months. But it has a distinct advantage: drawdown was only 1,11% and its versatility allows you to use the robot on almost any currency pairs.

expert advisor

Woc modify 04 is built on scalping tactics. The robot places orders in the direction in which there was a sharp jerk (the parameters field must be set manually). Conditions for successful application of the EA:

  • the transaction opens and closes within 2 minutes;
  • to maximize profits, a broker with a minimum spread level is required;
  • no requotes, and slippage (depends on broker and trading platform).

Recommended deposit — $ 2,000 (more precisely, in 2000.e. It is possible to replenish the Deposit to $ 20 which would equal to 2000 cents). Although the broker offers to trade on the H1 timeframe, for scalping strategies it is not the best idea. Suggest M5 and most liquid currency pairs.

Parameters of settings of Woc modify 04:

StopLoss — any strategy requires setting the stop-loss. This parameter is a safety warrant, the length of which the trader defines himself, depending on what is ready to bear the risks;

TrSt — a very handy feature that activates the trailing stop. However, the drawbacks stop, I already told you — it doesn’t work when there is an interruption of the connection with the broker;

Speed — specified in points, it is the size of the sharp rise of quotations of currency pairs;

timeSpeed — parameter, measured in seconds — the time range within which there is a sharp price fluctuation;

Lots — lot volume;

MaxLot — boundary lot volume.

Summary. There are more positive reviews about this EA than negative ones. You shouldn’t count on big profits from Woc modify 04, but a big loss is unlikely also. Therefore, I would recommend to test this EA on lower timeframes with a long stop Loss, and of course, monitor the loss.

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