Trading system is a set of specific tactics, algorithms, instructions, actions that includes technical analysis tools and its own system of risk management. From strategies trading system differ by more serious analysis and approach to measuring results. The analysis is based on the identification of points of entry and exit into the market, the of rating curve the deposit (equity), frequency of winning and losing trades, maximum drawdown, etc. analysts gathered for you the best trading system and articles on the topic of the analysis of trading systems. Read, comment and share your experiences with readers of investment exchange portal!

Development of own trading system

Creation of your own trading system may take months or years depending on its nature, principle and goals. On the basis of the working system expert advisor is created. The evaluation of rating system is performed on a curve of the deposit, the terms of the open position and pivot charts, which you can obtain either from MyFxBook monitoring, or by uploading data from MT4 to special programs.

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Parameters of testing of trading system:

  • the nature of the equity curve. The curve of the deposit must be rising with no signs of abrupt subsidence (the sign of a martingale). The maximum drawdown is 15%;
  • the ratio of profitable and unprofitable trades;
  • the size of the maximum drawdown and the most profitable deal. The number of maximum drawdowns;
  • the number of consecutive profitable and unprofitable trades;
  • the optimal number of transactions, allowing you to make a decision about the success of the trading system;

properly chosen parameters of money management.

All these parameters (more details about them you can find in the articles of this section) allow not only to assess the trading system itself, but also to see when the system will require optimization at the time of the deviations from the test parameters. There are special programs for trading system creation, but they allow only to create a base system which can be adjusted during the testing.

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